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Thumbnail Filesize Image size Description
image 04150003.jpg 25319 bytes 320x240 1985 2-door Caprice
image 04150037.jpg 22174 bytes 320x240 trying to design a motorcycle camping trailer
image 04150041.jpg 18135 bytes 320x240 1985 Caprice 2 door
image 04160001.jpg 1304541 bytes 2048x1536 preparing to weld motorcycle trailer axle
image 04160002.jpg 1388306 bytes 2048x1536 detail, prep for weld, motorcycle trailer axle
image 05110001.jpg 42994 bytes 512x384 failed first attempt to weld mild steel to cast steel
image 05110003.jpg 38326 bytes 512x384 failed first attempt to weld mild steel to cast steel - 2
image 05110004.jpg 42916 bytes 512x384 failed first attempt to weld mild steel to cast steel - 3
image 05110010.jpg 37178 bytes 512x384 successful bead welded around cast steel 11 tooth A550 sprocket
image 05130001.jpg 73197 bytes 640x480 test design, motorcycle trailer
image 05130002.jpg 66105 bytes 640x480 side, test design
image 05130003.jpg 70695 bytes 640x480 front, test design
image 05130082.jpg 80346 bytes 640x480 Justin with 1985 Caprice 4 door
image 06160001.jpg 57233 bytes 640x480 prep for weld, tongue reinforcement, motorcycle trailer
image 06160002.jpg 86124 bytes 640x480 2nd design, motorcycle trailer
image 06160003.jpg 90097 bytes 640x480 working on redesign, motorcycle trailer
image 09020001.jpg 45292 bytes 512x384 inside distributor cap, 1985 Caprice 305
image 09020003.jpg 42830 bytes 512x384 detail, inside distributor cap, 1985 Caprice 305
image 10150009.jpg 42786 bytes 512x384 Harley surgery
image 11170001.jpg 14374 bytes 320x240 motorcycle trailer
image 1966ChevyIIss327.jpg 115375 bytes 702x452 Mom's ride, '66 Chevy II SS 327
image 1968-the_57s.jpg 48843 bytes 512x485 pair of 1957 Chevrolets
image 1983-volvo-OD-M46.png 48948 bytes 800x664 1983 Volvo overdrive relay wiring diagram
image 1983-volvo-OD-M46.tiff 531592 bytes 800x664 1983 Volvo 240GL overdrive relay - tiff
image Olds49.jpg 266771 bytes 1802x1211 1949 Oldsmobile 2 door big six 4-spd auto (factory)
image dozer.jpg 67901 bytes 908x456 weird dozer - closeup
image dozer01.jpg 61847 bytes 541x800 weird dozer - new in 1984
image dozer02.jpg 50145 bytes 547x800 weird dozer - closeup of track being assembled
image trans.png 15108 bytes 547x730 strange drive system
image volvo-relay.jpg 311146 bytes 738x621 1983 Volvo overdrive relay showing cracked solder joints