This is a parody, protected free speech, by Terry Vessels.

Dar's Get The Bird Address

Four score and seven biweeks ago, our predecessors bought Unix, we own that, we paid hundreds of millions for that, so let's just look at how this nation was conceived in profit, which we dedicate to, see our proposition is that you can't have a free lunch.

Now we are engaged in a great litigate or license war, testing whether, you see this Linux, that's free, and no one company owns that, but our economy won't endure if there is no protection for the intellectual property. So we are in court to protect our IP, to stake out, as it were, our portion of the land and hold our utility easement, which we bought with millions of dollars and development. This is a proper and fitting thing for our company to fight for our rights and our property.

But in a larger sense--we can't violate our NDAs--we can't show this code--we can't even read this code, which we have pledged to our licensees to hold confidential. The developers of Unix, that made it enterprise-ready, with concentrated corporate investment and you see you can't develop Linux like that without the funding and the research. The world, in an intellectual property sense, will, as it were, not rely on Torvalds remembering what he coded, but you can do a Google search on the files, and we've shown those and they're in there and when they said show us the code, well, we did that. Linux was unfinished work until IBM started putting in advanced Unix technology, and they failed to honor our contracts which they were obligated to do and we expect, in court, to get the full measure of what they devoted to putting into Linux, and we want this resolved so that our economy, which is based on profit of our American corporations, by those who invest in the research and the equipment and the development, for their valuable intellectual property, will not be wiped from the earth by the attacks of the ill-founded and unConstitutional GPL of the Free Software Foundation.