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How FUD, distortions and outright lies spread:

Group Characteristics Response
astroturfers and shills -- paid by Microsoft, or those who stand to gain by the monopoly's continued existence, to sing praises for Microsoft and disparage everything else No argument will sway them except a higher bid.
trolls -- not interested in truth or fiction, only the argument Any argument simply encourages them and attracts more trolls.
parrots -- clueless; simply repeat whatever was last presented to them with authority What's the point of a response? These empty-headed zombies will echo what you tell them until someone tells them something else.
true believers -- scary people who have swallowed the Microsoft view of the world, hook, line and sinker. facts will not be allowed to interfere with their religious fervor. Unless you're a professional in the field of mental health, it's best to just steer clear of these people.
collaborators, partners, microserfs -- dependent on the monopoly, its consistent incompetence and its continual parasitic actions on "consumers" for financial gain. These people literally expose their own mothers to the dangers of the monopolist for pay. Economic arguments are the only ones that will have any effect on these people, whose livelihoods are intimately tied to Microsoft. Even an economic argument is likely to prove useless with these people unless it shows how they may begin, immediately, to increase their wealth in ways which do not require Microsoft's methods or software.
misinformed (or under-informed) newbies -- get their news from the marketers who put their own spin on it; different from parroters in that these newbies to open source can evaluate and come to their own conclusions. Documented facts which illustrate the history, dangers and damages of the monopoly along with documented facts illustrating the positive influence and impact of open source will have an effect on these people.