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Is it free?

Does M$ give away "upgrades"? My, my. Wonder how many Netscapes and Sun Javas and old (W95) Words that would kick out of a network? Naturally, the new stuff is being given away just because Uncle Billy wants to take care of you. It wouldn't be because soon after one such free "upgrade" gets into an office network, lots of people suddenly need a new computer with the new nifty M$ stuff just to be able to continue swapping documents. If I could get the right sucker, er "Valued Customer", to download and install the new network virus, I mean, latest "upgrade", and thereby infect, um, "improve", the network and force, oops "encourage", more people to get it (aw, too bad you have that old machine that can't handle the piles of bloat, no, "features", time for an upgrade!), then yes, I would offer it as a free download too. Hmm, you know, there might be some people who won't download it for silly little reasons like time, connection, knowing how or where, but gee, they've just got to have it since so many others seem to be getting it...

Bah! Negative-reply option book-of-the-month clubs appear to me to be kiddy games compared to this master money-grubbing scam.