To fellow voters in the United States of America:
Our Congress is selling us out piecemeal to corporate interests;
Let's vote them out to show how we feel.

The DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) sold our freedom of speech to corporate copyright owners.

The DMCA is bad law and should be repealed, as this online petition proposes.

John Barlow, "I think that what we are doing with acts like the DMCA is to give them an enormous additional amount of control at a time when they don't need it," he said. "We are putting tools in their hands that are far more powerful than have been put in the hands of any kind of medium before, and they are in a position to control information like it's never been controlled by anyone but the Soviets."

The cure, proposed by the powerful corporate interests in the Information Technology sector for the problem of laws, and our rights, being sold to some powerful corporate interests in the entertainment industry, could well be the end of personal computing freedom as we know it. Intel will be incorporating measures for "digital rights management" into processors as early as next year. Microsoft will release "palladium" on the world, as well. These essentially provide remote control of data use, movement and storage on your computer. (Do we allow Wal-mart or McDonald's to monitor and control our cars because they suspect we may park where we are not authorized? Why then should we allow Intel, Microsoft, Disney, the MPAA and the RIAA to remotely monitor and control our computers while presuming we are thieves?)


They are trying to take your rights and mine for themselves. They seek absolute control of your use of LEGALLY purchased copyrighted material.

If you don't fight now, there will soon be nothing to fight for. You will be charged a fee for every use of every bit of digitized information you want to access. DVDs are just a test case. If that battle is won, the war is over. Would you like to have music CDs that require not only a purchase, but a license fee to be paid to listen to that purchased CD? Would you appreciate having to buy only certain CD players because the CD won't play in just any manufacturer's machine? How about educational materials that require per-student license fees and per-use license fees? Oh, but of course they would be at a discount.

Make them feel it where they understand: revenues. Halt all purchases of DVDs. Halt all rentals or purchases of movies published by members of the MPAA. End your subscription to cable or satellite channels associated with the MPAA.

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Linux and DeCSS: What the MPAA is Really After

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