A comparison of 2004 Presidential election results with median income

Table 1 - Using 4-person family median income of 2002

Table 2 - Using 3 year average household median income of 2000 - 2002

A comparison of 2004 Presidential election results with median income of 4-person families in 2002

(4-person family median income data is from http://www.census.gov/hhes/income/4person.html)

(Projected state wins are from http://abcnews.go.com/sections/politics/Elections2004/President.html on 3 November 2004)

Income State 2004 Vote
82,406 New Jersey KERRY
81,891 Connecticut KERRY
78,312 Massachusetts KERRY
77,938 Maryland KERRY
72,379 Minnesota KERRY
72,369 New Hampshire KERRY
69,868 Alaska BUSH
69,469 Delaware KERRY
69,168 Illinois KERRY
68,089 Colorado BUSH
67,995 Michigan KERRY
67,646 Rhode Island KERRY
67,564 Hawaii KERRY
66,988 Wisconsin KERRY
66,889 Virginia BUSH
66,531 Washington KERRY
65,766 California KERRY
65,461 New York KERRY
64,310 Pennsylvania KERRY
63,934 Ohio BUSH
63,022 Indiana BUSH
62,732 United States - MEDIAN INCOME FOR 4 PERSON FAMILY - 2002
62,331 Vermont KERRY
61,926 Kansas BUSH
61,238 Iowa
60,676 Georgia BUSH
60,262 Oregon KERRY
60,129 Nebraska BUSH
59,864 Utah BUSH
59,764 Missouri BUSH
59,588 Nevada BUSH
58,802 Maine KERRY
58,227 North Carolina BUSH
57,473 Florida BUSH
57,148 Wyoming BUSH
57,070 North Dakota BUSH
56,857 Arizona BUSH
56,278 Texas BUSH
56,110 South Carolina BUSH
55,692 D.C. KERRY
55,605 Tennessee BUSH
55,359 South Dakota BUSH
54,279 Idaho BUSH
54,030 Kentucky BUSH
53,754 Alabama BUSH
52,299 Louisiana BUSH
51,791 Montana BUSH
51,377 Oklahoma BUSH
49,551 Arkansas BUSH
48,422 New Mexico BUSH
47,847 Mississippi BUSH
47,550 West Virginia BUSH

A comparison of 2004 Presidential election results with 3 year average median household income for 2000 - 2002

(3 year average median household income for 2000 - 2002 data is from http://www.census.gov/hhes/income/income02/statemhi.html)

Income State 2004 Vote
55,912Maryland KERRY
55,412Alaska BUSH
54,931Minnesota KERRY
53,549New Hampshire KERRY
53,325Connecticut KERRY
53,266New Jersey KERRY
50,878Delaware KERRY
50,587Massachusetts KERRY
49,974Virginia BUSH
49,775Hawaii KERRY
49,617Colorado BUSH
48,537Utah BUSH
48,113California KERRY
46,351Wisconsin KERRY
46,289Nevada BUSH
45,906Illinois KERRY
45,335Michigan KERRY
44,311Rhode Island KERRY
44,252Washington KERRY
43,955Missouri BUSH
43,577Pennsylvania KERRY
43,566Nebraska BUSH
43,332Ohio BUSH
43,316Georgia BUSH
42,704Oregon KERRY
42,523Kansas BUSH
42,432New York KERRY
41,929Vermont KERRY
41,581Indiana BUSH
41,554Arizona BUSH
40,659Texas BUSH
40,499Wyoming BUSH
38,755South Dakota BUSH
38,613Idaho BUSH
38,533Florida BUSH
38,460South Carolina BUSH
38,432North Carolina BUSH
37,893Kentucky BUSH
37,654Maine KERRY
36,771Alabama BUSH
36,717North Dakota BUSH
36,329Tennessee BUSH
35,500Oklahoma BUSH
35,251New Mexico BUSH
33,900Montana BUSH
33,312Louisiana BUSH
32,447Mississippi BUSH
32,423Arkansas BUSH
30,072West Virginia BUSH

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