The Microsoft Collection

An Educational Resource For All Computer Users


Christian Loweth's "The Microsoft Collection" is a compilation of quotes and links that effectively portrays the negative influence of Microsoft on the computing world. It is not the first such collection, but when it disappeared from the Internet in 2002, I felt an important resource was lost. Thanks to The Wayback Machine, some parts could be resurrected with some effort. The contacts page was missing from that archive. Searches using Google did not uncover any new location of the work. After some false trails I located C. Loweth by email in January, 2005 and obtained permission:

Consider this email my official endorsement and authorization for you to post the "The Microsoft Collection - An Educational Resource For All Computer Users" in any way you see fit, as long as it is non-profit.

The goals of the collection itself are outlined within it by Loweth. The goals I have for this revitalization of it are as follows:

  1. Preserve the originals:
    from its time on geocities
    from its time on homepage.mac
    the archive retrieved by C. Loweth
  2. Create a changelog in which to record the revision history and credits. Release 1.0 seems to be the traditional version number used to indicate something is ready for general public release, so the originals will be taken as 1.0 and 1.1, respectively.
  3. Bring all pages into compliance with at least HTML 4.01 Strict standards.
  4. Update all links, where possible, or note where the source is no longer available.
  5. Place the entire resulting work under the Creative Commons License at Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 to provide for non-commercial reproduction and derivatives.
  6. Extend the document with further quotes and links that have become available since it was last updated, while maintaining the ease of reading, organization, quality, and absence of added editorial rants.
  7. Provide convenient archives of the work for downloading.

The current work is HERE

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