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Last updated: February 24, 2005

sco/caldera crap (the complaint) -> scosource/ complaint3.06.03.html

sco/caldera crap: -> newsforge/ 03/ 03/ 07/ 0450221.shtml ?tid =17

sco/caldera crap: -> ?sid =56225 &cid =5456337 &pid =5456337 &startat = &threshold =1 &mode =flat &commentsort =0 &op =Change

sco/caldera crap: -> 2003/ 0306.sco.html

sco/caldera crap: -> home/ 2003/ 03/ 06/ cs_qh_0306unix.html

sco/caldera crap: -> 2100-1016-991464.html ?tag =fd_top

sco/caldera crap: -> article2/ 0,3959,921619,00.asp

sco/caldera crap: -> 2100-1001-981569.html ?tag =rn

sco/caldera crap: -> servlet/ ContentServer ?pagename StoryFT/ FullStory &c =StoryFT &cid =1045511445454

sco/caldera crap: (ibm, suse respond) -> 2100-1104-991622.html

sco/caldera crap: (Torvalds interview) -> Linux03/ ScoSource-05_Story01.html

sco/caldera crap: (CNN interviews IBM) -> 2100-1016-991922.html

sco/caldera crap: "Linux analysts, users offer varied predictions on SCO suit" -> originalContent/ 0,289142,sid39_gci885002,00.html

sco/caldera crap: (interview of SuSE CEO) -> qna/ 0,289202,sid39_gci884838,00.html

sco/caldera crap: (Joe Barr) -> 2003/ 0310.barr.html

sco/caldera crap: "Analysis: SCO's case against IBM stands on shaky ground" -> site-stories/ 2003/ 0312.cappel_p.html

sco/caldera crap: -> smallbiz/ content/ mar2003/ sb20030314_2167_sb016.htm

sco/caldera crap: (IBM hires Boies' old lawfirm) -> technology/ cnet/ stories/ 994464.htm

sco/caldera crap: (how SCO screwed up the facts about Unix, and more) -> sco-vs-ibm.html

sco/caldera crap: Bruce Perens:"SCO's Big Lie", Novell announcement -> articles/ AT4842883975.html

sco/caldera crap: "Torvalds Speaks Out on SCO, Linux" -> article2/ 0,3959,1134271,00.asp

sco/caldera crap: "Linux Users Standing Fast Despite SCO Legal Threats, InternetWeek Readers Say" -> breakingNews/ showArticle.jhtml ?articleID =12800009

sco/caldera crap: "Torvalds: Integrity Of Linux Intellectual Property Is Well Documented" -> news ?tmpl =story &cid =74 &ncid =74 &e =2 &u =/ cmp/ 20030717/ tc_cmp/ 12800689

sco/caldera crap: "Lawyer warns about surrendering to SCO" -> index.php ?id =179822653 &fp =16 &fpid =0

sco/caldera crap: -> Linux03/ ScoSource-24-Copyrights_Story01.html

sco/caldera crap: "Red Hat files complaint against SCO, launches legal fund" -> Articles/ 42374/

sco/caldera crap: "SCO, GNU and Linux" (Stallman's response to the FUD) -> philosophy/ sco-gnu-linux.html

sco/caldera crap: "Red Hat's Mad Matt Vs. Humongous SCO Lawsuit" -> 2003/ 08/ 04/ cz_dl_0804linux.html

sco/caldera crap: The Open Group (owners of the UNIX trademark and UNIX definition) responds to SCO's actions -> backgrounder.html

sco/caldera crap: Lawrence Rosen: "You May Continue to Use Linux WIthout Fear" "...just because someone demands money doesn't mean you should pay them." -> 0120124

sco/caldera crap: SCO exhibits some alleged stolen code, Perens shows their proof is bogus (hint: you can find AT&T copyright code in BSD and in ancient Unix available on the 'net) -> Articles/ SCOCopiedCode.html

sco/caldera crap: "They are smoking crack." - Linus Torvalds, on SCO's claim of 800,000 lines of SMP code that is "infringing". -> article2/ 0,3959,1227081,00.asp

sco/caldera crap: ESR responds to SCO's claim that IBM is orchestrating responses -> ?sid =03/ 08/ 22/ 1746248

sco/caldera crap: "Criminal Resource Manual 2403 Hobbs Act -- Extortion By Force, Violence, or Fear" -> usao/ eousa/ foia_reading_room/ usam/ title9/ crm02403.htm

sco/caldera crap: "SCO: MIT Experts No Longer At MIT" (huh?) -> V123/ N33/ 33sco.33n.html

sco/caldera crap: "Let SCO speak out and hang itself. Right now, the most helpful thing you can do is collect SCO's published statements and show how they have repeatedly contradicted themselves and lied about the facts." -> newsforge/ 03/ 08/ 24/ 1228211.shtml

sco/caldera crap: "What does it cost to license an OS you don't really need? A cool $ 6 million. That's the figure a Microsoft sales pro let slip when asked why the Redmond boys acquired a Unix license from The SCO Group. According to my source, the pro said Microsoft ponied up because "SCO needed money for their lawsuit problem."" -> article/ 03/ 08/ 08/ 31OPcringely_1.html

sco/caldera crap: "SCO's controversial court case against IBM in which it claims Linux uses copyrighted Unix source code has been comprehensively chewed up online by the Open Source Initiative. The non-profit organisation has produced a lengthy critique of the court filings with heavy supporting evidence and posted it in its Halloween documents section - something previously dedicated to furious debunking of Microsoft." -> news/ index.cfm ?fuseaction =displaynews &NewsID =397

sco/caldera crap: "SCO fined for Linux claims" "The SCO Group Inc. has been fined $ 10,800 for violating a German court's ruling that SCO must cease claiming that the Linux source code violates its intellectual property, the Lindon, Utah, company confirmed on Monday." -> article/ 03/ 09/ 02/ HNscofined_1.html

sco/caldera crap: Linus Torvalds responds to Darl McBride's "Open Letter" -> newsforge/ 03/ 09/ 10/ 2321224.shtml ?tid =11

sco/caldera crap: SCO also backstabs friends... the sole distributor of SCO in the Netherlands was summarily dumped after 18 years of loyalty. -> story/ 34018.htm content/ 51/ 33244.html

sco/caldera crap: "...SCO spraying out threats of legal action like a tomcat on diuretics..." -> rupertgoodwins/ 0,39020691,39118030-2,00.htm

sco/caldera crap: since this is link #42 in 'the link cannon' regarding SCOaldera, it is appropriate that it be the one to contain all the answers (with apologies to 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy') ->

sco/caldera crap: SCOspeak in court documents: "SCO has never authorized, approved or knowingly released any part of the subject code that contains or may contain its confidential and proprietary information and/or trade secretes for inclusion in any Linux kernel or as part of any Linux distribution." HOWEVER, SCO'sbrochure dated 12/2002 ADVERTISES the things they accuse IBM of illegally putting into Linux -> images/ pdf/ scolinux/ SCO_Linux_DS3.qxd.pdf

sco/caldera crap: "There is no SCO" -> ?sid =36377 &cid =87006

sco/caldera crap: "The annotated SCO stock price chart" -> Articles/ 75129/