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Last updated: February 24, 2005

wait a minute, is murkysoft now saying the gov't should meddle with the software industry? weren't they the ones who cried and pitched such tantrums about the gov't trying to take away their "freedom to innovate"? -> 2100-1001-252681.html ?legacy =cnet investor/ news/ newsitem/ 0-9900-1028-4825719-RHAT.html ?tag =ltnc news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-02-15-008-06-PS-MS

Everyone's sure that CNET didn't just make this up? I mean there's ludicrous, and then there's the punch-line of this article, where our man from Microsoft stands before a waving American flag and declares how he's an American, and free-software is an enemy of the American way. What's next? Will our hero launch a devestating attack on Finland, claiming that they're poisoning our precious bodily fluids? War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Microsoft is Innovative. --James Mitchell -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-02-15-008-06-PS-MS-0040

Tracy Reed -- Un-American -> treed/ writings/ display.php3 ?document =unamerican

Life, liberty and the pursuit of free software "Microsoft says open-source software is un-American. Has the company completely lost its mind?" -> tech/ log/ 2001/ 02/ 15/ unamerican/ index.html

Rant Mode Equals One: The Linux Reality Versus the Microsoft Dream -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-02-15-003-20-OP

"Microsoft: welfare whores" -> home/ eric/ editorial/ welfare_whores.php

the inNOTvators (Dino talks to SpinLikeaTopSpreadLikeaPlague) -> articles/ innotvate.html

m$ tries to spin allchin's fiasco into something else -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-02-20-019-04-PS-CY-MS

"Are Linux and Open Source Un-American?" -> articles/ conversations/ 0020.html

Tim O'Reilly, "Like many others, I was surprised, disturbed, and disappointed by Jim Allchin's comments about open source software development...." -> pub/ wlg/ 104 news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-02-22-016-04-OP-CY

Richard Stallman on the Allchin remarks -- "Now Microsoft demands that we leave ourselves equally vulnerable [as the license which allowed Kerberos to be damaged] in other areas. But defenselessness is not the American Way. In the land of the brave and the free, we defend our freedom with the GNU GPL." -> ejournal/ stories/ storyReader$664 news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-02-23-013-04-OP-MS-SW

responding to microsoft's "clarification" of Allchin's crazy statements -- "Microsoft is upset because it sees software that is GPLed that is better than their own, and they are not allowed to steal it and proprietize it because of the GPL." -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-02-24-007-20-OS-MS

in response to the Allchin comments -- "Free Software in the Land of Opportunity" by Bradley M. Kuhn -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-02-28-001-20-OP-CY

Australia is not immune to the tentacles of the monopolist -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2002-01-26-003-20-NW-DP-0003

erosion is such a subtle thing -> grouch/ babel.html

"When asked what he thought of IBM's huge investment in Linux, Ballmer said, "It will have an impact, but Linux is a toy. By IBM supporting Linux well then it is not a toy. But does that mean IBM and Linux will carry the day? No way." -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-03-20-011-04-PS-MS wire/ story/ TWB20010320S0002

"On December 3rd, 1984, thousands of people in Bhopal, India, were gassed to death after a catastrophic chemical leak at a Union Carbide pesticide plant. More than 150,000 people were left severely disabled -- of whom 20,000 have since died of their injuries -- in a disaster now widely acknowledged as the world's worst-ever industrial disaster. None of the six safety systems at the plant were functional, and Union Carbide's own documents prove the company cut corners on safety and maintenance in order to save money." ->


to dispell the bullshit concerning m$ and os/2 -> iact/ IQN/ 7-2000jan/ iqn7-Blue-Redmond_Connexion.html

evidence from a 21-year IBM veteran -> os2news/ OS2History.html

Canadian contractor wins against Parliamentary Library concerning library's specs for microsoft software -> national/ 010828/ 671130.html

"Leave everything to me... not! Should OS vendors limit your choices?" -> enterprise/ stories/ linux/ 0 %2c12249 %2c2708911 %2c00.html news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-04-17-019-20-PS

major alert, code red 2 -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-07-30-002-20-SC-MS

Content Protection for Recordable Media -- the MPAA wants a say in what you put on your hard drive -> content/ 1/ 15686.html

Content Protection for Recordable Media -- you buy the hard drive, but *they* get to decide what you can put on it -> search.php3 ?query =CPRM

a new protection racket -- "CPRM (Content Protection for Recordable Media) is a system for enforcing copy protection on personal computers." -> crypto-gram-0102.html

IBM withdraws proposal for CPRM in T.13 -> content/ 2/ 17107.html news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-02-22-010-20-NW-HW

the CPRM war continues. Andre Hendrick, Linux ATA development, "I want it make it REAL-CLEAR, to the CPRM bone-heads!... ...I have a method to destroy the functionality of CPRM without violating the DMCA. I will publish it without repsect for any laws passed against me." -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-03-04-001-20-NW-HW-KN

Microsoft, Palm, Symbian support or will support CPRM. The SSSCA draft would require every digital device to include digital rights management. Microsoft was granted a patent on a "Secure PC" in December. "By stealth, by private litigation, or by public statutes, the entertainment lobby is determined to kill fair use." -> content/ 54/ 23516.html

a bit of poetic justice, m$ cracked right down to their source code by an email virus -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2000-10-27-002-06-PS news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2000-10-27-005-21-NW-MS news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2000-10-28-011-20-OP-CY-MS news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2000-10-27-001-20-SC-MS news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2000-10-27-001-06-PS-MS

a howto guide to kiddiez cracking the magic kingdom -> content/ archive/ 14344.html

"Technically, Windows is an "operating system," which means that it supplies your computer with the basic commands that it needs to suddenly, with no warning whatsoever, stop operating." -> mscrash.shtml

"It is the opinion of many informed observers that if they had their first experience with KDE on Red Hat, they would be unlikely to try KDE again." -> modules.php ?name =News &file =article &sid =195

"Tim O'Reilly's Post-Apocalyptic Pants2Pants" by Don Marti: "The final layer of concrete in the containment structure over the vitrified capsule over the last nail in the coffin of the P2P business is, of course, what Professor Lawrence Lessig called the 'weird exception to the First Amendment', the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, which sanctifies legal attacks on any technology of which large copyright-holding corporations do not approve." -> articles/ tradeshow/ 0031.html

Association of American Publishers wants to close all free public libraries by using the DMCA. -> ?sid =01/ 11/ 19/ 0254239

Dmitri Sklyarov faces 25 years in prison for making a tool. Maybe you're next. ->

Why should you care about the Digital Millenium Copyright Act? You shouldn't, if you don't read, write, sing, paint, or use a digital device. -> faq.html

we must stamp out librarians and libraries to preserve the american way. -> ac2/ wp-dyn ?pagename =article &node = &contentId =A36584-2001Feb7

John Barlow, "I think that what we are doing with acts like the DMCA is to give them an enormous additional amount of control at a time when they don't need it," he said. "We are putting tools in their hands that are far more powerful than have been put in the hands of any kind of medium before, and they are in a position to control information like it's never been controlled by anyone but the Soviets." -> ?sid =01/ 11/ 15/ 200222

even microsoft 'gets it' concerning the mpaa/riaa mafia's digital rights management crap -> content/ 4/ 25593.html

"New violators of the DMCA? Reuters,,, dozens of other publications, and us" -> ?sid =02/ 05/ 22/ 1740256 &mode =thread &tid =4

the land of the free is missing ->

gotta love the DMCA -- "So, Neowin was blacked out and lost its live SQL database along the way without any kind of due process, without being informed of the alleged offence, and without any right of appeal. As we say, in the wonderful world we now live in this is now perfectly legal, and could happen to just about any site. And that, we submit, is the point." -> content/ 4/ 29659.html

lexmark and others using DMCA to stifle competition -> news/ digiwood/ 0,1412,57907,00.html

SunnComm threatens to sue student for $ 10M for exposing flaw in copy protection, under the DMCA. The criminal circumvention technology the student published? Hold the SHIFT key when you put the CD in a Windows PC. NOW is it a good law? -> content/ 6/ 33322.html

SunnComm backs down from lawsuit. SunnComm CEO, "I don't want to be the guy that creates any kind of chilling effect on research." Halderman [the student], "A large amount of security research is critiques of existing security systems . . . The worst thing in the world is a false sense of security." -> archives/ 2003/ 10/ 10/ news/ 8797.shtml

"Suing Your Customers: A Winning Business Strategy?" -> index.cfm ?fa =viewArticle &id =863

"Analysis of the MediaMax CD3 Copy-Prevention System" -> ~jhalderm/ cd3/

"Consolidated Statement of Facts" the document that led microsoft to cut their losses and settle with caldera in the lawsuit over drdos -> DR/ Info/ fullstory/ factstat.html

m$ speaks, ebay bends over, you lose -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2000-05-31-022-06-PS-MS

so you want a refund for software you don't intend to use and had no choice in receiving? HA! -> refund/ issuefour.html

the painful road to a windows refund (just follow the trail of "Next" buttons) -> ~glassey/ refund/ refund.html

fairy tales to tell your friends -> eric/ editorial/ ms_lies.html

FedEx sux -> grouch/ fedexsux.html

Red Hat attempts to steal the Fedora name from Universities -> fedora.shtml

you give away the first "fix" -> grouch/ free-monopoly.html

the FUD's getting thicker, m$ must be scared -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-03-07-019-04-OP-MS

ambulance chasers in the IT business "CIO Insight: Open Hazard" -> article/ 0,3658,s %253D25125 %2526a %253D16907,00.asp news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2002-01-03-011-20-PS-BZ-LL

who spreads the FUD for microsoft? -> grouch/ fudsters.html

Edit your bookmarks and web pages, SSC is trying to usurp Linux Gazette -> issue97/ moen.html

georgia prosecutors want to put a former college network admin in jail for up to 120 years... because he donated unused computer time at the rate of about 1 email a day to aid the RC5 encryption project three years ago. -> content/ 55/ 23477.html

concerning gentoo's secret lists -- "The developers realy need some private space. As avenj said, the stuff on -core doesn't concern us, and it may hold sensative security related information." "Screw that. If I wanted to run an OS that kept the core details private, I'd run Windows. I really don't see the need to for private space, and, if there is information that doesn't concern me, I'd like to be the judge of that, not Daniel R., Bill Gates, or anybody else." -> viewtopic.php ?t =63519

endangered gizmos! things the "entertainment industry" and others are trying to kill or have already killed -> endangered/

understanding microsoft the glassbreaker, let's pay the little boys to break the glass and enhance the economy -> articles/ ums1.htm

the U.S. government uses data mining from private corporations to circumvent privacy laws -> news/ conflict/ 0,2100,64492,00.html

The real beginning of the downfall of ms, their own documents -> halloween/

"Hewlett Packard has found a new club to use to pound researchers who unearth flaws in the company's software: the Digital Millennium Copyright Act." -> 2100-1023-947325.html

Internet Information Sieve, m$ cracked again -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2000-11-04-008-06-SC-MS

another IIS exploit. "This has more holes than Swiss cheese..." -> zdnn/ stories/ news/ 0,4586,2781338,00.html

the m$ hall of innovation -> bms/ departments/ innovation.shtml

ISO withdraws JPEG standard -> content/ 4/ 26339.html

Jimmy the Geek to MS: In your vision of the future, Mr Gates, you see every electronic device sold as being a revenue source for your company. All others are enemies who need to be stamped out. Companies are going to have to pay millions of dollars upfront in order to bring any products to market and all will have to be partnered with you to do so. Where anyone who has an unlicensed network protocol analyser or a debugger is a felon. -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2000-10-26-003-20-PS-MS-0016

Killing Off Linux -- It's All Academic (Where's your university going today?) -> rc/ forums/ mgr/ sdnpmgrs/ msg01279.html

The Register: WinXP Blade: MS' plan to kill off Linux Web servers -> content/ 4/ 17927.html news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-03-27-014-04-PS-MS-SV

"These days, the only thing that Microsoft is interested in discussing with its customers is licensing issues," said John Luludis, CIO of Danzas AEI, an international shipping company with about 10,000 Windows desktops. "We spend a lot of time and resources constantly proving license compliance, while we try to plan an optimum configuration to deal with the rising cost of ownership related to Microsoft's products...." -> newslead01/ lead032901.htm

All your data are belong to Microsoft ... better read that license carefully, when you click, you give them the right to publish, sell, or use in any way they please -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-04-03-008-20-OP-CY-MS stories.php ?story =01/ 04/ 02/ 0156291

"Cheap PCs with Lindows Are Well Intentioned but Flawed" -> ac2/ wp-dyn/ A35576-2002Jul20 ?start =11 &per =17

"Lindows 2.0 has beautiful skin, iffy personality" (how is it 2.0 before a general release? why do they ask "insiders" NOT to share GPL software?) -> newsforge/ 02/ 09/ 19/ 1738242.shtml ?tid =23

lindows technical troubles "LindowsOS now claims the dubious distinction of being the only GNU/Linux distribution we have ever tested on this machine (going all the way back to Red Hat Linux 5.1) that does not get along with this card..." -> modules.php ?name =News &file =article &sid =206

the death of Linux Today? -> article.php ?sid =5218 news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-08-08-007-20-OP vl/ html/ modules/ stories/ article.php ?storyid =296

let's bribe 'em to get the kiddies hooked on *our* form of crack! -> data/ articles.dir/ art-44.dir/ issue-33.dir/ 33a03001.htm

the ms tax at university of maryland: -> Opinions/ JamesHoward/ JamesHoward5.html

m$ forces the city of Virginia Beach to devote 25% of their staff to checking software licenses -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2000-11-05-006-21-PS-BZ-MS

m$ suppresses independent lab results that show their sql7 runs twice as fast on their nt4 as it does on w2krap --> articles/ op/ xml/ 01/ 03/ 05/ 010305opcringely.xml news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-03-07-012-20-PS-MS

tim wasson in linux today talkback, "It's no longer about people choosing your product because it works or because it's better or because it provides more value. It's about putting the screws to them. Funny, we used to get blasted with marketing about the new features, and we wondered who would pay any more money for that feature. Now they've even dropped the pretense of adding features, and still want us to pay more!" -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-03-09-006-20-NW-MS-0006

old flaws, new exploit -> content/ 8/ 18370.html

m$ continues their F.U.D. attacks on GPL -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-06-06-006-20-NW-MS

are you ready to turn the web over to microsoft now? what links will they add to *your* site? -> sn/ y/ SB991862595554629527.html

from the findings of fact (which the court of appeals upheld almost in its entirety), paragraph 312, m$ executive memo, "Content drives browser adoption, and we need to go to the top five sites and ask them, "What can we do to get you to adopt IE?" We should be prepared to write a check, buy sites, or add features - basically do whatever it takes to drive adoption." -> atr/ cases/ f3800/ msjudgex.htm

Eric S Raymond -- "Who is 'viral' now?" [concerning microsoft's hypocrisy over the GPL] -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-07-03-007-21-OP-CY

the domain microsoft wishes it had bought ->

Prof. Bryan Pfaffenberger, "The Appeals Court Ruling: What's in it for Linux?" -> articles/ currents/ 0033.html

Kenneth Starr and Robert Bork in The Wall Street Journal -- "While trumpeting last week's 'victory' in the Court of Appeals, Microsoft executives would do well to recall the words of King Pyrrhus after his famous battle with the Romans: 'One more such victory and we are lost.' The truth behind the spin is that Microsoft's victory was not even pyrrhic. -> editorial/ feature.html ?id =95000750 news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-07-08-002-21-OP-MS

"Microsoft to schools: Give us your lunch money!" -> tech/ feature/ 2001/ 07/ 10/ microsoft_school/ index.html

m$ says no to PCs for Kids, Sun and Linux say Yes! -> news/ breakingnews/ story/ 0,2000020826,20253529-1,00.htm

cost of code red estimated at $ 1.2 billion (unclear if that's US or UK billion) at -> business/ story/ 0,6903,532756,00.html

"Microsoft's director of marketing, Oliver Roll, insists that companies are choosing Windows because it offers lower cost, higher choice and greater skills in the marketplace. Commenting on Code Red, he said: 'You can't plan for every eventuality. We have the most secure software available in the industry. Is the benefit that I'm getting from choosing this software greater than the risk that I'm taking?'" -> business/ story/ 0,6903,532756,00.html

from: Handler's Diary - August 10, 2001 ->

from "Why Microsoft Smears-and-Fears-Open Source" -- "...if open-source software is good enough for Microsoft, why is the company claiming that it's bad for everybody else?" -> WEBONLY/ resource/ aug01/ speak.html

from "Crashing The Party" -- 'Despite all the advances, PCs based on the Microsoft and Intel Corp. architecture will continue, well into the next decade, to do what they have done for the past 20 years: crash." [Maybe these guys should check the uptimes of FreeBSD and Linux boxes on Netcraft. Dumping the "Microsoft" part of the architecture makes a huge difference.] -> cwi/ story/ 0,1199,NAV47_STO62980,00.html

from "Crashing The Party" -- 'Craig Mundie, senior vice president for advanced strategies at Microsoft, said that while the Windows XP operating system due for release this fall represents a "quantum improvement in reliability" over previous operating systems, it will require a "fairly heroic leap" to develop a completely stable machine.' [So Mundie agrees FreeBSD and Linux are a "fairly heroic leap" over XP?] -> cwi/ story/ 0,1199,NAV47_STO62980,00.html

from "Crashing The Party" -- 'Mundie explained that stability needs to be looked at "from a 10- to 20-year horizon, and we're only on Year 11 for Windows NT."' [Is Mundie admitting it will take Windows another 9 years to match FreeBSD and Linux of today?] -> cwi/ story/ 0,1199,NAV47_STO62980,00.html

"Thanks to IBM's unprecedented openness for the time, Bill Gates was on his way to becoming the world's richest man. Yet today his company is the most vocal critic of the open-source movement and the GPL." -> 4520-6033_16-4206305.html

as Largo, Florida saves taxpayers millions, Austin, Texas gets locked in by m$ -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-08-21-004-20-NW-MS site-stories/ 2001/ 0820.austin.html

Bill Gates, Focus Magazine interview, Oct 23, 1995, "It turns out Luddites don't know how to use software properly, so you should look into that. -- The reason we come up with new versions is not to fix bugs. It's absolutely not. It's the stupidest reason to buy a new version I ever heard. When we do a new version we put in lots of new things that people are asking for. And so, in no sense, is stability a reason to move to a new version. It's never a reason." -> nobugs.html

m$ is still buying astroturfing. from the Los Angeles Times -- "Letters purportedly written by at least two dead people landed on the desk of Utah Atty. Gen. Mark Shurtleff earlier this year, imploring him to go easy on Microsoft Corp. for its conduct as a monopoly." -> business/ la-082301micro.story

m$ is cranking up their war against Linux. "MS Hands Out CDs on How to Compete With Linux to Select Partners" these CDs include the usual FUD about open source, as well as this puzzler, "If the users are the developers, then the product will be shaped to suit the mind of a developer, with ease of use taking a back seat to flexibility." -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-08-23-014-20-NW-MS

m$ attacks GPL and linux, yet they needed linux when they got knocked off the internet because of their dumb dns configuration -> content/ archive/ 16434.html articles/ buzz/ 0044.html

microsoft's "trade secret" OEM license, which prevents OEM's from offering dual boot machines, helped kill BeOS. -> documents/ s =1115/ byt20010824s0001/ 0827_hacker.html

"Microsoft, in fact, recently underscored the importance of support by using it as something of a stick to force corporate customers to enroll in ongoing maintenance contracts. Linux enthusiasts point out that open-source software offers relief from that sort of arm-twisting." -> magazinearticle/ 1,4598,0|83|4818,00.html

R.I.P. MS. If you use microsoft in your business, [quoting Michael Rasmussen], "You don't own your software, you just have a limited license to use it. Your firm therefore does not own the tools it uses to manage its information. Someone else owns them, you just rent them. You should own your own tools." -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-09-14-010-20-PS7

"I think our Apache/Stronghold boxes feel neglected . . ." -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-09-18-015-20-SC-MS-0039

"Gartner recommends that businesses hit by both Code Red and Nimda immediately investigate alternatives to IIS, including moving Web applications to Web server software from other vendors such as iPlanet and Apache." -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-09-20-011-20-OP-MS news/ 0-1003-201-7239473-0.html ?tag =nbs

when the worms start yapping at your webserver, send them to the responsible party-> RedirectMatch ^.*\.(exe|dll).* ->

set up a tarpit to trap those nasty M$ worms -> LaBrea/ LaBrea/ LaBrea/ LaBrea/ LaBrea.html build/ LaBrea/

m$ is crying about all those meanie security experts telling on m$'s software holes. the bad part -- they intend to "rally the industry" to stop it. -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-10-16-022-20-SC-MS

"Revenge of the Dead Desktop" by Martin Vermeer -> Oest/ Europa-Alle/ vermeer/ poison.html

why does m$ reveal names and passwords on a "Passport" protected part of their domain? -> techupdate/ stories/ main/ 0,14179,2818129,00.html

the Redmond terrorists -- m$ denies non-m$ browsers access to msn, then claims they will fix it. another step toward claiming ownership of the web? -> news/ stories2001/ news-20011026-1.html news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-10-26-008-20-PS

m$ is strong-arming OEMs and customers (discriminating against 500 employee businesses) -> articles/ op/ xml/ 01/ 10/ 29/ 011029opfoster.xml

who do you want to give your credit card to today? passport shit cracked in half an hour. -> news/ technology/ 0,1282,48105,00.html

IE acting strange? (well, stranger than 'normal' for m$ crapware) maybe it was "upgraded" without your consent. (you deserve it for using m$ crapware) -> news/ technology/ 0,1282,48177,00.html

Bill Gates takes credit for the birth of open source software. -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-11-08-014-20-NW-MS

"U.S. Settlement Leaves Microsoft More Entrenched" -> wp-dyn/ washtech/ fastforward/ loggingon/ A22-2001Nov8.html

"IE hole reveals users' cookie data" -> news/ article/ 0,aid,70484,00.asp

m$ is *very* scared of linux -> content/ 4/ 22770.html

m$ settles class action, proposes giving 12,500 schools cash, support and software. redhat says they'll give *every* school in the U.S. free software if m$ will provide hardware instead of m$ software (that would give over a million computers instead of 200,000 and raise it to 14,000 schools) -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-11-20-017-20-PR-RH

even poor bill gates' computer crashes -> cbbcnews/ hi/ club/ your_reports/ newsid_1697000/ 1697132.stm

see how far the m$ misinformation has eaten into a university -> article.php ?thold =0 &mode =flat &order =0 &sid =5650

another week, another pile of security holes and exploits for m$ crapware; SQL servers, XP and ME takeover exploits, more IE "vulnerabilities" -> article/ 0,3396,s %253D201 %2526a %253D20382,00.asp

"...absent the rich target of opportunity presented by nearly all Microsoft products, hackers, crackers, and electronic evildoers would have a much harder time causing mainstream mischief every other week." -> content/ 55/ 23496.html

patent granted for Microsoft "Secure PC" for "digital rights management". "In a very real sense, the legitimate user of a computer can be an adversary of the data or content provider." you and your historical, traditional, fair use rights are now in the crosshairs of The Monopolist, the MPAA, the RIAA, and the congress critters they feed. -> content/ 4/ 23387.html

m$ is rallying the troops! (expect a flood of lies, FUD, and "independent" reports like the one they talk about commissioning in this article. btw, they seem to know what's going to be in that future "independent" report already). -> money/ tech/ 2002-01-04-microsoft.htm content/ 4/ 23518.html news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2002-01-04-010-20-NW-BZ-MS

same old shit. clueless press invents a linux "virus" to report on when multiple windows viruses start hitting the news. danger from RST and RST.b ? none, unless you're dumber than a rock. (psst: it's a trojan; a weak trojan that requires considerable dumb action on your part) -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2002-01-04-004-20-SC

a bit of microslime history, why cross-platform 3d graphics stalled for so many years -> cadvrml/ vrml0496.htm

"The user didn't even have to preview it. How could even a vigilant Windows user protect himself against holes like that? Oh wait. Maybe I misunderstood you. Yes, now that I think about it, there is a way for a vigilant Windows user to protect himself. He can switch to Linux. :-)"-- by ac -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2002-01-07-014-20-SC-000

"Analysis of Microsoft's 'Competing with Linux' Document" (surprise, Microsoft disputes their public claims with their private ones -- "[Linux] is the most successful open source operating system in the market today and has established credibility as a choice in the enterprise for certain server tasks.") -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2002-01-08-012-20-OP-BZ-MS users/ conz/ on_competing_with_linux_analysis.html

more mslime -- m$ rigs votes -- "In December, Java was more popular than .Net for building Web services, according to a ZDNet UK poll, but weeks later the position had dramatically reversed; investigation revealed just what lengths Microsoft will go to to promote its products" -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2002-01-09-023-20-NW-MS story/ 0,,t269-s2102244,00.html

a bit of history of billygoats, as told by him (interesting that all his starts in computing were the result of his access to open source software) -> csr/ comphist/ gates.htm

"Critical Systems At Risk" -> capture.html

"Gigger worm can format Windows PCs" (wow! "the most secure Windows ever" can be totally wiped out by a javascript attachment!) -> content/ 56/ 23652.html

there's a nice little utility getting emailed to windows users, unfortunately it sends their keystrokes to someone with bad intent. nice to know "the most secure Windows ever" retains such ease of use features for the crackers. -> anti-virus/ viruses/ badtrans/ default.asp ?cid =2607

would Bill Gates lie to the national press? of course! -> ~The %20Paradox/ journal/

"The Microsoft Collection -- An Educational Resource For All Computer Users" -> cloweth/ 01/ MC.html

"Microsoft's decade-long focus on cramming new features into its products has come at the expense of protecting computers against viruses and hacking attacks, which are costing customers billions of dollars a year and becoming a top concern of companies and government officials." -> news/ nationworld/ nation/ la-011402micro.story

"Over the past nine years, BSA has collected more than $ 68 million in penalties from companies using unlicensed software. This is the seventh BSA legalization program since August 2000." (stop being "subject to" these "investigations" and high-handed intimidation tactics -- get Open Source and *own* your software!) -> usa/ press/ newsreleases//2001-12-21.828.phtml

"Honestly, security experts don't pick on Microsoft because we have some fundamental dislike for the company. Indeed, Microsoft's poor products are one of the reasons we're in business. We pick on them because they've done more to harm Internet security than anyone else, because they repeatedly lie to the public about their products' security, and because they do everything they can to convince people that the problems lie anywhere but inside Microsoft." -> crypto-gram-0201.html

"According to documents leaking out all over the place from Redmond, beating Linux is to become the number one focus of competitive efforts over the next year. [...] sales people encountering Linux-based competition will have access to an escalation team headed by Brian Valentine. Valentine's name is significant, because he heads the enterprise and parent group, the branch of Microsoft that deals most closely with VARs and system integrators." -> ?sid =02/ 01/ 16/ 0310222

too late to get your comments in to the USDOJ before the deadline (Jan. 28th), the Tunney Act requires them to accept, publish and respond to public comments. see -> atr/ cases/ ms-settle.htm remedy/ letter.html

microsoft loses trademark suit in Korea against Yangji Total Stationery Co over "Window" diary -> content/ archive/ 9361.html

"Korea migrates 120K civil servants to Linux desktop" -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2002-01-14-015-20-NW-DT-MS content/ 4/ 23667.html

"Flaw in Win2000, NT4.0 makes domains 'too trusting'" (another way for someone to own w2krap, and the fix breaks other things. same old shit.) -> articles/ hn/ xml/ 02/ 01/ 31/ 020131hnmsflaw.xml ?0131thpm

lies and damned lies -- '[Doug] Miller [director of competitive strategy in ms's windows div.], "... but we have yet to find any data that corroborates the claims of huge growth in actual servers shipped with Linux." [Miller should read] "...recent IDC data showed that distributed copies of the Linux operating system grew 24 percent in 2001, making it the fastest-growing operating system the second year in a row."' -> article/ 0,3658,s %253D701 %2526a %253D21936,00.asp

a few HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of reasons to avoid microsoft -> ( old link grouch/ trustworthy.html

Network Associates (McAffee) says you can't publish reviews, so NY sues -> content/ 4/ 23981.html

microsoft to give free software to all south african public schools and 90% rebate to private schools and universities. how much are you paying? have your taxes been lowered due to fewer millions spent on m$ in schools, or are you subsidizing this "generosity"? -> index.php ?set_id =1 &click_id =13 &art_id =ct20020208212507770G320799

"EFF urges support for Philips' stand on protected CDs" -- Philips and the EFF call for copy-protected ("dysfunctional") CDs to carry a warning label. -> content/ 4/ 24015.html

"Microsoft admits XP media player spies on users" -> ?sid =02/ 02/ 22/ 180209

again... 3 more holes (2 "nasty") in m$ -> content/ 4/ 24168.html

microsoft threatens to remove windows from the market (is your business subject to the tantrums of the bill and balmer brats?) -> content/ 4/ 24278.html presspass/ legal/ feb02/ 02-08nballmer.asp

"Indeed, a public company that fails to implement alternatives to Microsoft software in light of Microsoft's latest behavior and later suffers business interruptions or losses as a result of Microsoft's childish reactions to judicial orders, could easily get sued by its shareholders." -> ?sid =02/ 03/ 05/ 0232253

the recent zlib (open source software) vulnerability also affects 9 of microsoft's cash cows. it seems m$ only objects to free software they can't proprietize and seal off from users. -> 2100-1104-860428.html

the billygoat revises his "vision" history again, regarding unix -> content/ 4/ 24383.html

it's barely past the vaporware stage and there are already viruses for billygoats' C# and .NET messes -> content/ 56/ 24208.html

trust? microsoft? .NET? NYET! another pile of personal information posted using .NET -> content/ 55/ 24452.html

"MS Scarier Than The CIA, Gateway Exec Says" -> content/ 4/ 24467.html

"Mickey Mouse vs. The People" -> tech/ feature/ 2002/ 02/ 21/ web_copyright/ index.html

"U.S. Prepares to Invade Your Hard Drive" -> tech/ feature/ 2002/ 03/ 29/ hollings_bill/ index.html

"Microsoft puts the squeeze on NW schools" 60 days to audit 25,000 computers during the school's busiest time. Maybe BillyGoats should foreclose on some widows and orphans, too, just for fun. -> article.php ?sid =901 &mode =nested &order =0 &thold =0

Microsoft LIES to schools about donated computers and licensing -> content/ 4/ 25152.html

Microsoft expects to do to media players what it did to Netscape -> 2002/ TECH/ industry/ 05/ 03/ index.html

the microsoft protection racket -> paul/ stories/ column26_html

the microsoft, er, m.i.t. prof says KDE and GNOME are examples of operating systems with the browser commingled, just like windows. huh? -> content/ 4/ 25136.html

judge tells microsoft 'windows' is a generic term, microsoft continues trademark suit -> 2100-1001-915222.html

the Motion Picture ASSO. of America, and the Recording Industry ASSO. of America using their cartel cash to bankrupt Kazaa -> news/ 02/ 176729.html

[Jim Allchin, senior Microsoft executive]"later acknowledged that some Microsoft code was so flawed that it could not be safely disclosed." -> article/ 0,3658,s %253D701 %2526a %253D26875,00.asp

unpatched IE security holes -> larholm/ unpatched

m$ fights against open source use in pentagon, but report "concluded that open source often results in more secure, less expensive applications and that, if anything, its use should be expanded." -> wp-dyn/ articles/ A60050-2002May22.html

caldera will keep per-seat licensing in UnitedLinux, FSF condemns, SuSE backpedals -> newsforge/ 02/ 06/ 03/ 0034259.shtml ?tid =22

"Gopher holes in IE" who do yo want rooting your windows box today? -> content/ 4/ 25590.html

Lawrence Lessig, Professor at Stanford's Law School, "...You must require the freedom to tinker, to 'Walt Disnify' previous creations. The increasing losses faced in court over the past few years, mean that your silence is destroying the environment for future development." To a standing ovation, he concluded, "You cannot allow the innovation to stop." -> articles/ AT8253217318

Microsoft ships nimda worm with help files (isn't this carrying the monopoly thing a little too far? think of all the script kiddies with nothing to do!) -> content/ 4/ 25738.html

why you should avoid lindows -> lindows_products_OSEULA.php

microsoft's next Big Plan (palladium) to eradicate the GPL -> newsforge/ 02/ 06/ 26/ 1024203.shtml ?tid =19

microsoft's "Palladium" is a giant trojan horse to attack *you* -> newsforge/ 02/ 06/ 27/ 1422247.shtml ?tid =9

"Ballmer 'fesses up to Linux/Windows cost FUD" -> content/ 4/ 26230.html

"Peru mulls Free Software, Gates gives $ 550k to Peru Prez" -> content/ 4/ 26207.html

billy the slime enlists the aid of the U.S. ambassador to Peru to convince them to avoid Open Source -> newsforge/ 02/ 07/ 29/ 1532205.shtml ?tid =9

based on Allchin's remarks about "flawed" windows code, "Next-Generation Win32 exploits: fundamental API flaws" -> shatter.html

the BSA counts free software as increasing "piracy" -> ?sid =02/ 07/ 24/ 051207 &mode =nested &tid =98

Windows eXcrement Pile is really *that* bad -> search ?q =microsoft + +XP + +security +OR +privacy + +flaw +OR +flaws +OR +hole +OR +holes &num =100

the palladium FAQ -> users/ rja14/ tcpa-faq.html

Are you mad yet? They intend to take over your computer -- "It provides a computing platform on which you can't tamper with the applications, and where these applications can communicate securely with the vendor." -> users/ rja14/ tcpa-faq.html

scare yourself -> ~nweaver/ cdc.web/

"Microsoft 'hoovers millions' from UK schools - update" -> content/ 4/ 26606.html

how to stop government from using open source? fund a lobby group and call it "Initiative for Software Choice". microslimey makes doubleplusgood newspeak. -> 1/ hi/ technology/ 2193275.stm

"Microsoft faces Taiwan inquiry", "Microsoft stands accused of having engaged in unfair business practices in Taiwan." -> 1/ hi/ business/ 2204599.stm

"Win-XP Help Center request wipes your HD" -> content/ 4/ 27074.html

"Microsoft Settles FTC Charges Alleging False Security and Privacy Promises -- Passport Single Sign-In, Passport "Wallet," and Kids Passport Named in Complaint Allegations" -> opa/ 2002/ 08/ microsoft.htm

"MS silently fixes password sniffing bug with XP SP1" -- after a delay of 5 months, and leaving a worse one elsewhere, and introducing a trojan EULA, and giving Bill root access to your machine, and re-enabling services without your consent... -> content/ 55/ 27181.html

"Palladium's perilous promise" "...Redmond's marketeers have determined that the biggest security problem is the free flow of information and content. Microsoft's solution is Palladium, a computer-inside-the-computer, complete with its own chips and operating system designed to restrict your ability to access or process information." -> newsforge/ 02/ 06/ 27/ 1422247.shtml ?tid =9

legalized pre-emptive retaliation and cracking? "Californian congressman Howard Berman has drawn up a bill that would legalise the disruption of peer-to-peer networks by companies who are trying to stop people pirating copyrighted materials. If his idea becomes law, record companies will be able to carry out a variety of attacks on the sharing services to make them unusable or so irritating to use that people abandon them." -> hi/ english/ sci/ tech/ newsid_2069000/ 2069747.stm

"Microsoft warned Web site administrators on Wednesday that a flaw in its FrontPage extensions could allow an attacker to take control of their servers or cause the computers to seize up." -> 2100-1001-959577.html ?tag =fd_top

"Microsoft VPN flaw may open intranets to attack" "The company [Phion Information Technologies] said it didn't know of any solution for Windows 2000 and Windows XP PPTP servers." -> articles/ hn/ xml/ 02/ 09/ 27/ 020927hnmsvpnflaw.xml ?Template =/ storypages/ printfriendly.htm

"Lead Windows developer bugged by security", "BRIAN Valentine says he's not proud. The senior vice president in charge of Microsoft's Windows development team has reason not to be. One of his most notable works, the Windows 2000 operating system, has a security record that is nothing to boast about. In fact, it's downright dismal, many experts say." -> articles/ hn/ xml/ 02/ 09/ 05/ 020905hnmssecure.xml

microsoft to sell fixes for the sloppy security of the slop they sold you before -> 2100-1104-961173.html

vnunet tries to put a positive face on the bugbear worm, as it tops 60,000 infections. they say it's helping eliminate the infections from the klez virus. wow, mshit must be really good stuff. -> News/ 1135633

"If the recipient opened or previewed the message, the Outlook Express client would either crash or allow the attacker to run whatever code he chose on the user's machine." gee, that's really user-friendly. -> article2/ 0,3959,630997,00.asp

evidence of monopoly powers, when all others are suffering the effects of economic downturn, "Microsoft Corp.'s profits more than doubled from a year ago as a new, controversial software licensing plan helped drive sales and insulate the company from the turmoil hitting the technology industry." -> tech/ wire/ 2002/ 10/ 17/ microsoft/ index.html

"Is Microsoft Licensing Forcing Banks to Break The Law?" "At issue is Microsoft's "automatic update" feature, which allows users to automatically get upgrades and patches to their systems. To get the updates, users must agree to give Microsoft access to information on their systems. That, says Warby, conflicts with federal regulations for financial institutions,..." -> news/ article.php/ 1485861

"Can you trust your computer?" "Who should your computer take its orders from? Most people think their computers should obey them, not obey someone else. With a plan they call "trusted computing," large media corporations (including the movie companies and record companies), together with computer companies such as Microsoft and Intel, are planning to make your computer obey them instead of you." -> newsforge/ 02/ 10/ 21/ 1449250.shtml

"MS beta site cracked" "The server on which Microsoft makes its beta programs available for testing has been infiltrated by outsiders who have downloaded an unspecified cornucopia of programs. Among the items available are forthcoming editions of Win-XP, .NET Server, and some confidential works in progress." -> content/ 4/ 27651.html

another sellout, the "Final Decree" of 2002 is as useless as the consent decree of the 1994 case -> modules.php ?name =News &file =article &sid =273

you think remote control of your computer by that "trusted computing" plan (treacherous computing plan) is in the future? not if you use microsoft today -> content/ 4/ 27232.html

microsoft fakes an answer to apple's tv switching advertisements -> 2100-1001-961994.html

the DMCA in all its stupidity, clearly doing damage to the U.S.A. -> content/ 4/ 27636.html

what's wrong with the Final Decree? "One Coder's Opinion of the Microsoft Opinion" -> lawmeme/ modules.php ?name =News &file =article

"Interview: [Columbia Law School Professor] Eben Moglen on the Microsoft decision and its ramifications" -> modules.php ?name =News &file =article &sid =279

in answer to another article wherein m$ claims windows is cheaper, "I personally find it disturbing that MS is willing to sacrifice the livelyhoods of the admins of their products by turning them into commodities. I'm supposed to make less so that Bill and Steve can add more to their already bulging pockets??" -> ?sid =27602 &cid =32907

'There is a lot of popular, convenient and ubiquitous general-use software widely used these days that have subtle, scary strings attached. Due to the subtle and devious nature of these "attached strings," most of today's computer users aren't aware of them, and most don't even realize they have a right to be annoyed and concerned.' -> newsforge/ 02/ 10/ 26/ 185252.shtml

"New worm exploiting Microsoft hole slows Internet" 'Another administrator spoke for many. "Everyone running MS SQL Server shut it the hell down or make sure it can't access the internet proper!"' -> modules.php ?name =News &file =article &sid =311

"As an aside, we would also like to take this opportunity to caution all our clients against the continued use of Microsoft software, particularly on servers. The security record of Microsoft software is, on any view, appalling." (copy of email circulated after MSSQL worm attack) -> ~mkennedy/ replace-microsoft.txt

"Microsoft fails Slammer's security test" "Microsoft's policy of relying on software patches to fix major security flaws was questioned Monday after a series of internal e-mails revealed that the software giant's own network wasn't immune from a worm that struck the Internet last weekend." -> 2100-1001-982305.html

"Group Estimates Slammer Damage at $ 1 Billion" "1/30/2003 - A U.K.-based security firm is estimating that economic damage from the SQL Slammer worm is already over $ 1 billion, making it the ninth most damaging malware attack yet in the firm's estimation." -> news/ article.asp ?EditorialsID =5677

"It's the most evil thing on the Internet, according to some of its victims. But it's not a virus, a scam or a raunchy porn site. It's a browser toolbar that some swear is doing "drive-by downloads" -- installing itself without users' permission -- then taking over their systems and making it impossible to uninstall." -> news/ infostructure/ 0,1377,57467,00.html

"Serious Internet Explorer SSL bug" (authenticates anything) -> index.php ?c =us &p =headliner &storyid =27

microsoft is closing their .nyet, are you going to be trapped in it? -> 2100-1001-984052.html

do you want a BMW powered by WinCE? does that make you wince? remember the old joke about General Car Fault? it's already here. "You can't play Russian Roulette every time you stick the key into the ignition." -> article2/ 0,3959,833424,00.asp ?kc =BAZD103019T1K0100547

MSN targets Opera for breakage "... Opera7 is explicitly instructed to move content off the side of its container thus creating the impression that there is something wrong with Opera7."-> howcome/ 2003/ 2/ msn/

"Secret Microsoft plot to promote open source exposed!" -> story/ 32630.htm

Are you an MS developer? Who's watching your back? "SQL Server developers face huge royalty bills." "A Washington court ruling could see SQL Server developers liable for millions of dollars in licensing fees." -> content/ 53/ 29419.html

embrace (promise the world), extend (offer their secrets to another company), extinguish (take over their assets). "Whatever didn't happen to Microsoft's Marc Brown?" -> content/ 59/ 29398.html

Microsoft spying through "the update Windows facility" "... the information can pass on to Microsoft a list of all of the software installed on an individual's computer, including software manufactured by other manufacturers." -> betriebssysteme/ 1126/ index.html

"Sterling Ball is Microsoft-free. Two years ago, the maker of Ernie Ball electric guitars and strings was slapped with a $ 90,000 fine by the Business Software Alliance for what the company says was unwitting use of eight unlicensed copies of Microsoft Office." -> tech/ news/ 2003-02-26-desktop_x.htm

"In May, under oath at the antitrust hearing Jim Allchin, group vice president for platforms at Microsoft, stated that disclosing the Windows operating system source code could damage national security and even threaten the U.S. war effort. Now in February, Microsoft signed a pact with Chinese officials to reveal the Windows operating system source code." -> newsvac/ 03/ 02/ 28/ 1631236.shtml ?tid =9

Eidos and Electronic Arts say no to Microsoft Xbox plans. "Microsoft tries to 'own the consumer' with Xbox" -> ?article =8311

another microsoft IIS hole that lets kids take over corporate windows 2000 servers -> 2100-1002-992920.html

"Hackers on March 11 infiltrated an undisclosed number of U.S. Army Web servers, taking advantage of a previously undisclosed buffer-overflow vulnerability in a component of Microsoft Corp.'s Windows 2000 that is used to manage the Web Distributed Authoring And Versioning (WebDAV) protocol." -> securitytopics/ security/ hacking/ story/ 0,10801,79478,00.html

"Windows XP Shows the Direction Microsoft is Going." "Bruce Schneier recommends this article." -> peace/ microsoft.htm

w2krap! ""A Web page might invoke an attack, a file you find on an FTP site, even an MPEG image or MP3 file. Basically anything related to file handling could be used by attackers." -> storycontent.cfm ?ID =17 &Art_ID =11740

better READ that XP EULA: microsoft can change your license terms at any time. you agreed to let microsoft decide, whenever they wish, which rights to give or take away. -> article/ 02/ 02/ 08/ 020211opfoster_1.html

you violate the XP EULA if you use VNC or take screenshots. microsoft wants to charge you for another license if you can see the XP user interface on another machine. -> ~sab/ winxpeula/

after crashes and hardware upgrades, "Exceeded Activations" of XP, accused of "piracy" by "microsoft rep" -> exceededactivations-winxp.html

trustworthy? winshit can be flushed even with email: "The flaw, which the software giant calls critical, lets hackers gain access to your computer while you read e-mail or visit Web sites. It affects just about every version out there, from Windows 98 to its latest Windows XP." -> news/ infostructure/ 0,1377,58124,00.html

"Is Cygwin legal under Windows XP?" -> ml/ cygwin/ 2002-04/ msg01128.html

a pile of Xcrement -> Articles/ Index.cfm ?ArticleID =38425

"NT4.0 too flawed to fix - official" -> content/ 55/ 29985.html

microsoft forced to remove misleading advertisement in which they claimed "your data couldn't really be safer, even if you kept it in a safe." -> content/ 55/ 29942.html

"Does an organization have anything to gain from .Net?" -> site-stories/ 2003/ 0326.mangione_p.html

"Klez Won't Stop Making Net Rounds" "Any other product with features that allows it to transmit flaws to its peers worldwide would have been driven from the marketplace or sued out of existence long ago, Smith argued." -> news/ infostructure/ 0,1377,57895,00.html

the Microsoft slush fund against Linux -> story/ 32679.htm

"A federal jury in Chicago awarded the University of California and a browser technology company $ 520.6 million after finding on Monday that their patents were infringed by Microsoft Corp." -> newsArticle.jhtml ?type =businessNews &storyID =3259538 newsforge/ 03/ 08/ 12/ 1350213.shtml

'These Microsoft "certified" operating systems have just been compromised on a massive international scale by the "LoveSAN" or "MSBlaster" worm.' -> ?article =11067

'Microsoft has had to front-end its "WindowsUpdate" site with about 15,000 Akamai servers this weekend (and very ironically, those Akamai servers are all running Linux).' -> ?article =11067

"I would have loved to have fought it. But when (the BSA) went to Congress to get their powers, part of what they got is that I automatically have to pay their legal fees from day one. That's why nobody's ever challenged them--they can't afford it. My attorney said it was going to cost our side a quarter million dollars to fight them, and since you're paying their side, too, figure at least half a million." -> 2008-1082_3-5065859.html

"Who wants to be beholden to the whimsies of Microsoft's ever-changing licensing practices? Or willingly hop on an upgrade treadmill that obsoletes software just when IT managers feel comfortable and safe with it? Do CIOs really want all the terabytes of data in their network subject to Microsoft's Next Generation Secure Computing Base, a Trojan horse for digital rights management that -- for all intents and purposes -- puts Steve Ballmer inside your firewall?" -> perl/ story/ 21521.html

"Stupid Microsoft Tricks" "Why the Richest Company on Earth Feels it Needs to Cheat" "Microsoft did not come through the hearing very well as whole new levels of anti-competitive behavior were claimed by Burst AND ACKNOWLEDGED BY MICROSOFT..." -> cringely/ pulpit/ pulpit20030828.html

nuclear plant on windows? save us! -> news/ 6767

"Patch for 'critical' IE vulnerability doesn't work" "The vulnerability can be exploited by crafting a malicious HTML file that, when viewed by an Internet Explorer browser, extracts and executes malicious code." "How do you take four months to fix something this simple and then not fix it correctly?" -> newstech/ security/ story/ 0,2000048600,20278308,00.htm

" Eolas Technologies on Monday filed a motion to permanently enjoin Microsoft's distribution of its Internet Explorer browser amid a flurry of court filings by both sides in the pivotal patent infringement case." -> 2100-1028_3-5088349.html

"Microsoft report prompts Forrester policy change" microsoft misrepresented a research group's report for marketing purposes -> article/ 03/ 10/ 06/ HNforresterchange_1.html

"In a bold assertion of independence, Israel has thrown the full weight of its antitrust legislation at Microsoft. The Israeli Ministry of Commerce has suspended all governmental contracts with Microsoft, and indicated that the ban will last throughout 2004." -> content/ 4/ 33365.html

another Microsoft-sponsored "study" (aka FUD PR posing as independent) "Doing these tasks with Windows took, they say, 4 1/2 hours and 125 steps. Linux required 7 1/2 hours and 555 steps. [...] Setting up remote administration took 100 steps; we could suggest a shorter way of doing that: 1. Enable sshd." -> Articles/ 51933/

"Only a fool would believe a Microsoft study after this!" -> Articles/ 51941/

instead of fixing the problem, microsoft offers a bounty for informants. -> news/ technology/ 0,1282,61138,00.html ?tw =wn_tophead_6

'Longhorn enters the "witching season"' by Joe Barr, "Stooges in the trade press report the all the latest "leaks" and PR fluff about the vaporware just as if it were real news about a real product doing real work. If it happens that real news about the latest critical "security gaffe and patch" from Microsoft gets shoved off the front page, all the better. Hey, if people want reality these days, they can watch prime time TV." -> trends/ 03/ 11/ 10/ 1715213.shtml

"Microsoft patch borks scrolling on IE 6" -> ?article =12698

"Symptomatic of this pathological need to take business from other companies, Microsoft is now in competition with the very people who recommend its products -- independent computer and software consultants. These Microsoft-certified folks are the guys and gals who got your Windows business systems up and running in the first place, and have often kept them running. Now Redmond wants them to die in favor of its own not very good support system." -> cringely/ pulpit/ pulpit20031120.html

"Ooooops! 5 more flaws 15-Oct-03 - 4 of them "critical" one "important" and they all affect the post Trusted Computing super secure Windows 2003 Server (A35). Oh yes, one other thing, there's now a patch to patch the patch that patched the patch for the RPC flaw" -> editor/ edit033.html

windows + ATM + virus == safe banking? who's got your number? -> 2100-7349_3-5117285.html ?tag =nefd_top

your name, address and email or you go to jail -> content/ 6/ 35376.html

"Nearly 200 days to research and resolve a 'critical' vulnerability on such a far-reaching problem is nothing short of gross negligence by Microsoft, and is a direct affront to its much-hyped Trustworthy Computing projects and public statements about how security is playing much more important role in its products." -> originalContent/ 0,289142,sid14_gci950149,00.html

Joe Barr refutes some FUD -> software/ 04/ 02/ 12/ 157253.shtml

"Did Mr Jaovisidha narrowly miss being killed by the blue windscreen of death?" (WinCE makes BMW wince) -> daily/ 2003/ n051301.shtml

"Gates takes a side-swipe at Apple, Linux" (considering MyDoom, he has the nerve to claim MS Windows is the most secure? what's he smoking?) -> internet/ security/ 0,39020375,39143723,00.htm

mi2g study quoted in zdnet article 'focused on "overt digital attacks" and did not include other methods of intrusion such as viruses and worms.' those 'other methods' mi2g earlier reported caused between $ 43.8 billion and $ 53.6 bn in 19 days of February. (burglars don't need a battering ram if all the Windows are open) -> ?sid =04/ 02/ 20/ 2023252

newsforge comment on the mi2g study "They might also consider doing a study about homes which have been burglarized by overt attacks using crowbars, excluding all homes which have the Windows designed to be permanently open." -> ?sid =36164 &cid =86448

"Patching: The cure that's worse than the disease?" -> columnists/ 2004/ 0308kearns.html

US DoJ, which has been completely successful in doing absolutely nothing to curb Microsoft's illegal anti-trust actions since about 1989, now publicly CONDEMNS the EC for trying to stop the monopoly's attacks on media players -> content/ 4/ 36516.html

"Millions vulnerable to Microsoft Web flaw" 2100-1001-966575.html

"Sasser put a spotlight on yet another security hole in Microsoft's ... " -> wp-dyn/ articles/ A30871-2004Jun10.html

"Pop-up toolbar spreads via IE flaws" -> 5100-22_11-5230146.html

microsoft pays universities to stifle word about open source -> schoolforge/ discuss/ Oct-2003/ msg00095.html 1998/ am-info/ msg01684.html

the Forrester FUD - microsoft's commissioned "independent study" is seriously flawed, takes average of all bug responses regardless of severity. microsoft touts their 25 day average. BUT, taking only critical bugs, Red Hat, for example, "took an average of just over a day to fix" -> index.php/ id;554502920;fp;2;fpid;1

Windows for Warships?!? God save the world! "However, I shall only sleep soundly once I know that Windows has been banned from the command systems of the Royal Navy's warships for good." -> 2004/ 09/ 06/ ams_goes_windows_for_warships/

microsoft kickbacks - another good reason to despise the MS-US Dept. of Justice Seattlement deal -> 2004/ 09/ 03/ linspire_on_dell_windows_money/

US DoJ's cybercrime investigations turns up hundreds of zombie spammer computers at Dept. of Defense and Senate (naturally, the news doesn't mention they're all ms windows computers) -> tech/ news/ computersecurity/ 2004-08-30-cyber-crime_x.htm archives/ 2004/ 08/ 31/ us_defense_senate_computers_are_zombie_spammers.html

since someone apparently has taken (a pity, it was such fun when it showed the lie of ms-speak), here's a link to what it used to show -> grouch/ trustworthy.html

gee, SP2 itself has (at least) two flaws -> news/ newsitems/ 200408/ s1181192.htm

"Microsoft Security Chief Uses Firefox", so WHY should you use their Internet Exploiter dogshit? -> ?read =9397556

Microsoft's Security Chief, "Security is really an industry-wide problem. Just this morning I had to install an update to Firefox to block a flaw that would've allowed an attacker to run a program on my system." -> wired/ archive/ 12.09/ view.html ?pg =3

what's wrong with microsoft? -> grouch/ trustworthy.html

"Picture processing bug puts Windows at critical risk" - gee, that's really friendly to Grandma and Joe Average. Every JPG in every MS product carries the threat of handing Joe or Grandma's computer over to some unknown remote vandal. Who in their right mind would let their mother use such a system? -> storycontent.asp ?ID =4 &Art_ID =21592

MyDoom still infecting MS Windows, variants open backdoors, take over MS Windows computers to send spam -> news/ 001694.html

"Security holes plague Windows Help" - MS is so user friendly it helps vandals take over new users' computers. Is this what you want for your little sister? -> index.php/ id;54090879;fp;2;fpid;1

"WinXP SP2 = security placebo?" - "Unfortunately, Windows remains a quite dangerous system to connect to the Internet, and users are still very much on their own in terms of security solutions." -> 2004/ 09/ 02/ winxpsp2_security_review/

"CERT recommends anything but IE" - "US CERT (the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team), is advising people to ditch Internet Explorer and use a different browser after the latest security vulnerability in the software was exposed." -> 2004/ 06/ 28/ cert_ditch_explorer/

"Microsoft server crash nearly causes 800-plane pile-up Failure to restart system caused data overload." the FAA replaced reliable UNIX systems with rebootathon MS systems. but instead of going back to what works, they now have the software warn controllers when to reboot. Do you want to restart your computer now, or DIE? -> opsys/ news/ index.cfm ?NewsID =2275

"Microsoft Plugs Loopholes By The Dozen" - "Microsoft has released nine security bulletins, each patching several vulnerabilities that exist in different components of Windows. The loopholes plugged radiate across the outer periphery -- Internet Explorer and several API's -- right down to the Windows kernel and Shell." -> cxo/ jsp/ index.jsp ?section =News &subsection =Security &subsection_code =2 &file =template1.jsp &storyid =1593

"OSIA to Microsoft: if the Shoe fits Wear it." - ""As long as they are going to steal it, we want them to steal ours. They'll get sort of addicted, and then we'll somehow figure out how to collect sometime in the next decade." -- Bill Gates, Chairman, Microsoft Corp, 1998." -> media_releases/ osia_to_microsoft_if_the_shoe_fits_wear_it

"The scope of the vulnerability is dizzying. Just using Internet Explorer to view an infected JPEG image on a Web page would be enough to let a remote hacker take over the computer and run any program imaginable, experts say." -> Stories/ 0,1413,87~11271~2489204,00.html

another way Microsoft's incompetence costs YOU, zombied boxes are used for extortion -> cs/ CDA/ ssistory.mpl/ tech/ news/ 2867289

while MS's Ballmer tells executives, "At this stage we have learned a lot more about security than anybody else in world, and we need to focus in on a few things," Nicholas Petreley reports, "...39 of the first 40 entries in the CERT database for Windows are rated above the CERT threshold for a severe alert. [...] When we queried the CERT database about Linux, only 6 of the first 40 entries were above the threshold." -> security/ security_report_windows_vs_linux/

77 percent think they're safe, 80 percent have spyware and viruses, will microsoft software EVER be suitable for Joe Sixpack and Grandma? -> articles/ 04/ 10/ ap_2102504.asp

Novell sues MS again -> 2004/ 11/ 12/ novell_microsoft_wordperfect_antitrust/

"This week, the news from recently unsealed court documents is that Microsoft may have deliberately lied not only to Burst, but also to the other anti-trust litigants right up to and including the U.S. Department of Justice." "... Judge Motz, too, thinks this is worth your time." -> cringely/ pulpit/ pulpit20041007.html

"PC companies build what Microsoft tells them to because doing otherwise risks having their hardware go uncertified, or even worse, simply not function with Windows." "There IS a new USB standard in the works and it is at the heart of Microsoft's sudden interest in USB security. Co-developed with Intel, the new USB standard specifically excludes Linux and probably OS X devices as well." -> cringely/ pulpit/ pulpit20040916.html

"We're faced with a choice," says Tanenbaum. "We can fight Microsoft and spend half a million dollars or more. Or we can pay $ 100,000 to replace all our sales and marketing material and redo every bit of publicity. Even then, you can't put a dollar value on intangibles like goodwill and brand recognition. "Microsoft is telling its developers: 'Please develop for our platform. But if you're successful, we'll sue you.'" -> article.php/ 20041118142943782

"Some cable companies have raised alarms about the intentions of Microsoft, which is already fighting anti-trust lawsuits on several fronts." [...] '"By maintaining and expanding its operating system monopoly across platforms, Microsoft can establish its position as 'gatekeeper' to all such forms of communications, computing and entertainment services."' -> servlet/ story/ RTGAM.20041115.gtrmicro15/ BNStory/ AtPlay/

"In a slew of financial settlements with companies Microsoft has trampled over the years, the payout for wrongdoing is roughly $ 3 billion to date. That represents about three months of profit for a company that literally can't spend its cash fast enough..." "What does all this mean? Simple. When governments fail to enforce the rules of capitalism, monopoly profits can buy one's way out of almost any kind of trouble." -> mld/ sunherald/ business/ technology/ 10179377.htm

"By leveraging its virtual Windows monopoly, Microsoft is betting that it can become the de facto standard for downloading music." -> story.xhtml ?story_title =Microsoft-Takes-Aim-at-iTunes--iPod &story_id =28400 &category =wrldwd

"It would be hard for Microsoft to defend itself against accusations that one of its paths to success is to buy off its enemies. Especially this week." [...] "The CCIA withdrew all of its opposition to Microsoft's monopolistic behavior, including its filings in U.S. and European antitrust cases." -> articles/ 2004/ 11/ 12/ business/ PTEND13.html

settlement claim deadline extended in California, 14 million eligible, 600,000 filed. only 2/3 of the unclaimed $ 1.1 billion has to be donated, so microsoft is rewarded for illegal activity. -> search ?q =Microsoft +California +settlement &sa =Google +Search

"...[A]fter seven years the U.S. antitrust case against Microsoft finally came to a close. It ended, fittingly, when Microsoft ate the last critic standing. The company paid the legal fees of its arch-nemesis, a trade group of competitors. Then Microsoft joined the group, which dropped an appeal of the antitrust settlement." -> news/ display/ ?id =101933

"'Someday, for all countries that are entering the WTO (World Trade Organization), somebody will come and look for money owing to the rights for that intellectual property,' [Steve Ballmer, CEO Microsoft] added. . . .'" "They used to muscle other IT companies. Now they are threatening governments of the world. What a charming company. Use their product and you won't get hurt. Otherwise, watch out for your kneecaps." -> article.php ?story =20041118073308709 &mode =print

Think MS's FUD about TCO and IP isn't working with CEO's? "The company [Peerstone] found two main barriers to widespread adoption of Linux: Firstly, concerns of a higher total cost of ownership because of the high cost of Linux administrators and secondly, fears raised by SCO's attempted "legal assault on Linux intellectual property". -> 2004/ 11/ 19/ linux_erp_survey/

microsoft applies for patent to ISNOT -> netacgi/ nph-Parser ?Sect1 =PTO1 &Sect2 =HITOFF &d =PG01 &p =1 &u = %2Fnetahtml %2FPTO %2Fsrchnum.html &r =1 &f =G &l =50 &s1 = %2220040230959 %22.PGNR. &OS =DN/ 20040230959 &RS =DN/ 20040230959

"Consumer electronics company Thomson has joined Microsoft and Time Warner in trying to take control of US digital rights management company ContentGuard Holdings." -> articles/ article.asp ?liArticleID =135300 &liArticleTypeID =1 &liCategoryID =1 &liChannelID =126 &liFlavourID =1 &sSearch = &nPage =1

"Since most online commercial music stores like Napster, Musicmatch and implement DRM on all of their files, it is impossible for desktop Linux users to use these sites. Linspire requested a DRM license to complete their support of Windows Media, but was rebuffed by Microsoft, who said they will not license a general computing platform." -> news/ view.php ?cid =9 &id =19361

"IE exploits top web security threat list" "Internet Explorer exploits posed the fastest growing web security threat to enterprises in the last quarter, according to web security services firm ScanSafe. The top exploit (Exploit.HTML.Mht) was used to attack twice as many businesses as any other web security threat in Q2 2004." -> 2004/ 11/ 02/ web_security_survey_scansafe/

"Webroot: Spyware is Windows-only" "Spyware, those annoying programs that snoop on a user's actions, remain a Windows-only phenomenon. Prominent anti-spyware developer Webroot says it has yet to detect a single Apple or Linux spyware app. In comparison, Webroot's Spy Sweeper software protects against 15,000 Windows threats." -> 2004/ 10/ 12/ spyware/

Do you want to restart your car now (or do without brakes)? - "...BMW took on and inspected the case. The result was: Yes, after an emergency brake exceeding a certain preset pressure on the pedal, all stability systems are disabled and can only be re-enabled by switching off the ignition for five seconds..." -> Risks/ 23.60.html

"After the Child Support Agency (CSA) debacle earlier this month, when it emerged that the 450m system built by EDS still isn't working properly a year and a half after its supposed completion, the DWP crash seemed impossibly incompetent. Somewhere between 80,000 and 100,000 desktops crashed [...] during an upgrade from Windows 2000 to Windows XP." -> 0,39020505,39175379,00.htm

"Although the flaw was disclosed in May, Microsoft just published technical guidance on the problem last week and has not yet produced a patch, a fact that has some researchers questioning the Redmond, Wash., company's commitment to security." eweek report of December 6, 2004 -> article2/ 0,1759,1734907,00.asp

"The fact is, if you are negotiating with Microsoft, and you pull out a SuSE or Redhat box, prices drop 25 per cent from the best deal you could negotiate. Pull out a detailed ROI (return on investment) study, and another 25 per cent drops off, miraculously. Want more? Tell Microsoft the pilot phase of the trials went exceedingly well ..." -> ?article =13350

"This patch, called SP2, closed some of the holes in Windows that had been exploited by the criminals. But SP2 didn't include the capability to specifically detect, block or remove viruses, spyware and spam. Its firewall, aimed at barring intruders, is inferior to others on the market. And its built-in "Security Center" does almost nothing to enhance security." -> news/ articles/ 1209personaltech09-ON.html

ms windows spyware and adware is so bad, installers are deleting each other to keep the victim 'surfing' - "[Y]ou further understand and agree, by installing the Software, that BetterInternet and/or the Software may, without any further prior notice to you, remove, disable or render inoperative other adware programs resident on your computer ..." ->

"Microsoft issues five bulletins on Windows flaws" - XP SP2 and w2003 can be taken over from WordPad? -> securitytopics/ security/ holes/ story/ 0,10801,98276,00.html

"Zafi worm variant hides behind Christmas cheer" "Like most other mass-mailing e-mail worms, Zafi.D modifies the configuration of Windows machines, shutting down other security software and harvesting e-mail addresses from files on the infected computer." -> securitytopics/ security/ virus/ story/ 0,10801,98271,00.html

"TMO at CES - Bill Gates Experiences Three Windows Crashes During CES Keynote" -> article/ 2005/ 01/ 06.12.shtml

"Even PCs with Microsoft's Service Pack 2 patch are vulnerable to be attacked. The company has also said that Microsoft has been aware of this flaw for at least two months now but they have not yet come up with a security patch. The exploit code for one of the three vulnerabilities, a flaw in an HTML Help control, was already published on the Internet on Dec. 21." -> articles/ show/ 1150.html

"Richard Stiennon of Webroot pointed out that this evidence of Explorer's spyware susceptibility appears only days after Microsoft announced its own anti-spyware software." -> story/ 39538.html

""When a user tries to play a protected Windows media file, this technology demands a valid license. [...] An unsuspecting user attempting to download the DRM (digital rights management) license will instead be redirected to a Web site that loads a large quantity of adware, spyware, modem dialers and other viruses, the company said in an advisory." -> article2/ 0,1759,1749993,00.asp

"One of the ways Microsoft combats piracy is by advising OEMs that they will be charged a higher price for Windows unless they drastically limit the number of PCs that they sell without an operating system pre-installed." -> atr/ cases/ f3800/ msjudgex.htm

"It's kind of intriguing, isn't it, when the MPAA and RIAA is to scaring us into believing that the world of unauthorized copying is filled of dodgy-dealers stuffing the files with all kinds of polluted malware and pop-ups, that they're also paying the people who do the stuffing?" (they exploit ms windows media player) -> slash3501.html

"160. [...] The intent was to make it more difficult for anyone, including systems administrators and users, to remove Internet Explorer from Windows 95 and to simultaneously complicate the experience of using Navigator with Windows 95. As Brad Chase wrote to his superiors near the end of 1995, "We will bind the shell to the Internet Explorer, so that running any other browser is a jolting experience." -> atr/ cases/ f3800/ msjudgex.htm

"164. Starting with Windows 95 OSR 2, Microsoft placed many of the routines that are used by Internet Explorer, including browsing-specific routines, into the same files that support the 32-bit Windows APIs. Microsoft's primary motivation for this action was to ensure that the deletion of any file containing browsing-specific routines would also delete vital operating system routines and thus cripple Windows 95. " -> atr/ cases/ f3800/ msjudgex.htm

"172. Microsoft's refusal to respect the user's choice of default browser fulfilled Brad Chase's 1995 promise to make the use of any browser other than Internet Explorer on Windows "a jolting experience." By increasing the likelihood that using Navigator on Windows 98 would have unpleasant consequences for users, Microsoft further diminished the inclination of OEMs to pre-install Navigator onto Windows." -> atr/ cases/ f3800/ msjudgex.htm

"420. [...] By taking the actions listed above, and by enticing firms into exclusivity arrangements with valuable inducements that only Microsoft could offer and that the firms reasonably believed they could not do without, Microsoft forced those consumers who otherwise would have elected Navigator as their browser to either pay a substantial price (in the forms of downloading, installation, confusion, degraded system performance, and diminished memory capacity) or content themselves with Internet Explorer." -> atr/ cases/ f3800/ msjudgex.htm

a reminder of the monopoly leveraging that started msn, forced aol to internet explorer, and started the rapid destruction of netscape -> class/ cs201/ projects-95-96/ corporate-monopolies/ dangers_msn.html

"Opera to MS: Get real about interoperability, Mr Gates" -> 2005/ 02/ 11/ hakon_on_ms_interroperability/

"MS seeks patent experts - no patent experience necessary" (Where do you want a roadblock today?) -> 2005/ 02/ 10/ microsoft_patent_job_app/

"...the officers of Microsoft--both current and former--should be punished for their actions. They broke the law. They forced good companies out of business. They stifled--not encouraged--innovation." -> enterprise/ stories/ main/ 0,10228,2785260,00.html

"'s ironic that AT&T and Time-Warner were not allowed to complete their merger because it would have given them control of 40 percent of the broadband marketplace. Yet no one regulates Microsoft, which controls more than twice that percentage of the desktop space." -> enterprise/ stories/ main/ 0,10228,2785260,00.html

Mad as hell about the DMCA -> stories/ 2001/ mad.html

m$ FUD rebuttal -> tech/ LinuxMyths.html

what if grocery stores made you buy milk with every loaf of bread? -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-07-14-007-20-OP-MS-0009

microsoft is getting desperate in their FUD -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-01-31-030-04-PS-MS

the Monopolists Cookbook -> bms/ departments/ cookbook.html

from Paul Ferris -- "But homogeneity, especially when it occurs due to a monopoly, tends to encourage extreme security problems. One little hole, and the effects can be enormous. Look at the damage wrought by ILOVEYOU or SirCam, and you will see the long term effects. Indeed, it's my opinion and others that we're just now seeing the tip of the iceberg." -> article.php ?sid =378

"In Context: MS Software Profits Down For Three Quarters; Blame Linux?" -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2000-11-06-001-06-PS

Disney, MPAA and RIAA are at it again 'The SSSCA says that it is illegal to create, sell or distribute "any interactive digital device that does not include and utilize certified security technologies" that are approved by the U.S. Commerce Department. An interactive digital device is defined as any hardware or software capable of "storing, retrieving, processing, performing, transmitting, receiving or copying information in digital form." ' -> news/ politics/ 0,1283,46655,00.html

Oh Great Lords of Mouse, Movie, and Music, thank you for protecting me from the evils of the PC and the Internet. Thy blessed Wealth hath bought the Minions of the government and directed their wrath against the Cursed Freedoms. -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-09-08-012-20-NW

Band gives away album, goes gold "[Jeff] Tweedy: A piece of art is not a loaf of bread. When someone steals a loaf of bread from the store, that's it. The loaf of bread is gone. When someone downloads a piece of music, it's just data until the listener puts that music back together with their own ears, their mind, their subjective experience. How they perceive your work changes your work. Treating your audience like thieves is absurd." -> news/ culture/ 0,1284,65688,00.html

"MPAA wants parents, teachers to rat on their kids" -> 2004/ 11/ 17/ mpaa_family_values/

"Piracy funds terror, Guardian lesson tells schools" -> 2004/ 11/ 17/ graun_piracy_lessons/

"...suits had been filed in the UK, France and Austria... ...also filed ... in Germany, Italy and Denmark, bringing the total number of suits underway in Europe to 650. ...lawsuits against 5,700 individuals in the US ... The cases are a combination of criminal and civil suits and are aimed at "uploaders," the people who offer music, rather than the downloaders... The campaign singles out users of Kazaa, eDonkey, and Gnutella." -> 2004/ 11/ 25/ major_labels_feed_the_wurld/

"Software glitches leave Navy Smart Ship dead in the water" -> archives/ gcn/ 1998/ july13/ cov2.htm

"In the largest criminal Internet attack to date, a group of Eastern European hackers has spent a year systematically exploiting known Windows NT vulnerabilities to steal customer data. More than a million credit cards have been taken and more than 40 sites have been victimized." March 8, 2001 -> newlook/ alerts/ NTE-bank.htm

"History of NT in Banking" -> pipermail/ am-info/ Week-of-Mon-20020225/ 009032.html

Will you trade your growing freedom from one monopoly for another? Just say NO to .NET -> grouch/ nyet.html

"Microsoft's HailStorm Initiative Raises Security, Privacy Questions" -- Wall Street Journal -> sn/ y/ SB985306658120544000.html news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-03-25-002-21-PS-BZ-MS

"Police forces want to plug in to lots of networks" -> hi/ english/ sci/ tech/ newsid_2124000/ 2124551.stm

the monopolization of the web --> tech/ writing/ prideprejudice-short.shtml

redhat is making a stink about using their trademarked name -> ?sid =01/ 12/ 10/ 2014239

"We restored your home to original condition. It's your fault if you weren't smart enough to move your belongings out before we got here. We are not responsible for your stupidity." -> articles/ op/ xml/ 02/ 06/ 10/ 020610opsource.xml

"MPAA, RIAA seek permanent antitrust exemption", they bought Sen. Orin Hatch to help them become a new kind of legal cartel -> content/ 6/ 34191.html

RIAA dumps unsellable junk on schools as payment for overcharging for years -> local/ 179304_cdupdate24.html

screaming internet isp will leave you screaming in frustration -> isp.php ?ispid =41071 &isptag =screaminetcom

sendmail backdoor in source downloaded by "an estimated 200 people" -> content/ 55/ 27554.html

The Interface Hall of Shame -> shame.htm

talkback concerning the Sklyarov case, "We've come a long way since 1989. > "Until I'm in Russia, it is too early to say that I'm happy," Sklyarov said in a statement. Who over 35 years old would have thought they'd hear this statement and it was the honest truth? 1987 and he'd have been dreaming of getting to the USA. 2001 and he can't leave fast enough. Where's a good iron curtain when you need one?" -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-12-13-020-20-NW-LL-0007

WindRiver showing their asses and hurting Slackware -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-04-17-014-20-NW-SL

Students for Orwellian Society (SOS) ->

use open source? GO TO JAIL! ->

tech support HOW-NOT-TO (why pay more for Dell?) -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-07-16-002-20-OP-CY-HW

on bad tech support, from LinuxPlanet, "Editor's Note: The Customer's Always Wronged -- The good news: Windows users are suffering just as horribly." -> linuxplanet/ opinions/ 3663/ 1/

"state wiretap usage up 40 percent in 2001" -> news/ 02/ 176750.html

Tony OBryan, "So we do not hate companies that don't support open source and free software simply because of their lack of support. We only hate those companies who show a determined commitment to destroy our freedom of choice, our freedom of expression, and our financial freedom." -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2000-08-04-006-04-OP-MS

Tony OBryan, "There is one company on Earth that stands heads, shoulders, and stacks of bodies above the rest in its unending drive to eliminate all those freedoms, and that is why that company is so hated by so many.That company has pursued those goals with zealous glee for so long that it has vaporized any possibility of ever being trusted with anything -- ever." -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2000-08-04-006-04-OP-MS

the twelve step program (The Support Group for People Used by Microsoft) -> web/ 20010604181052/ about-microsoft/ twelve-step.html

click your rights away... "The customer shall not disclose the results of any benchmark test to any third party without Network Associates' prior written approval [...] The customer will not publish reviews of the product without prior consent from Network Associates." -> articles/ op/ xml/ 01/ 03/ 05/ 010305opfoster.xml

we 0wnZ you! "Juno claims the right to use its customers' computers during their downtime to run its own "Computational Software." Juno's service agreement states, "In connection with downloading and running the Computational Software, Juno may require you to leave your computer turned on at all times...." -> articles/ op/ xml/ 01/ 03/ 05/ 010305opfoster.xml

you can't talk about it, you can't write about it, they can take it away without notice. and btw, they also can use your computer when they want to. -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-03-07-020-04-PS-CY

"UnitedLinux might not be very GPL-friendly" -> newsforge/ 02/ 09/ 18/ 1629242.shtml ?tid =51

clueless press says it's a windows/linux virus -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-03-28-001-04-SC-MS-SW-0023

The Computer & Communications Industry Association's online document titled "Windows 2000: Blueprint for Domination" details many of the normally unseen ways this product attempts to supplant our public digital language with a privately owned one. Piece by piece, this product appears to attack the open, standard language and replace it with a proprietary, secret one. see -> Win2000web.html

HTML, HTTP, messages, audio, video, user authentication, transactions, file and printer sharing, directory services, programming languages, web page design, network computing applications, Internet applications, network servers, Common Internet File Sharing, Kerberos, cross-platform distributed object oriented development environments (CORBA), directory access protocols (e.g. LDAP), even DNS, all attacked by Win2000. NOW, how much would you pay? see -> Win2000web.html

Techweb > News > Software > Windows Vulnerability > Dangerous New Microsoft Vulnerability Revealed > Jul 18, 2000 -> wire/ story/ TWB20000718S0004 news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2000-07-20-014-04-SC-MS news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2000-08-13-004-06-PS-MS

"Windows 2000 'not ready for web servers'; Linux becoming most secure OS - Gartner" -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2000-11-07-001-06-SC-MR-MS

crashing w2krap -- "Stupid Windows Screenshots" -> projects/ compfun/ duh/

the software war -> softwarewar.png

my objections to RAND in the w3c draft proposal -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-10-02-002-20-NW-CY-LL-0016

-> TECH/ computing/ 9804/ 20/ gates.comdex/

let's wiretap just to wiretap (same old shit as before) -> date/ 1994/ 09/ msg00455.html

CNET news "Windows 2000 sales figures only tell part of the story; MS marketing 'train wreck'": -> news/ 0-1003-201-4745235-0.html ?tag =tp_pr

Wall Street Journal: "But a maturing Linux is starting to be used by major companies to run key businesses. Royal Dutch/Shell Group and Amerada Hess Corp. are using Linux-based supercomputers to sift through seismic data, hunting for undersea oil. Home Depot Inc. is starting to roll out Linux-based kiosks and point-of-sale systems in a project that will involve installing 90,000 terminals at all of its home-improvement stores." -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-04-09-009-21-PS-BZ-EL

when congress critters want to foist weakened, govt-approved encryption on you to fight terrorism, remember the WTC terrorists didn't use encryption -> news_article.jhtml ?type =topnews &StoryID =229456

xbox breaks right out of the box -> 2002/ TECH/ industry/ 01/ 05/ xbox.woes.ap/ index.html

Windows eXtortion Protection version is being marketed because Windows Moron Edition is stuck in the middle of Windows CEMENT. m$ wins, you lose -> news/ business/ 0,1367,41622,00.html

"MS Office XP - the more money I give to Microsoft, the more vulnerable my Windows computers are" -> vv2xp.html

"Microsoft today admitted its latest version of Windows [XP] had a security flaw which could allow hackers to seize control of a computer as soon as it was connected to the internet." (why did m$ call this eXcrement Pile the "most secure windows ever"?!) -> news/ 0112/ 21/ world/ world101.html

concerning the latest XP fiasco: "The only secure Microsoft software is what's still shrink-wrapped in their warehouse..." -> articles/ server_security_article-4207.html

case studies, m$ vs linux -> web/ 20010413174752/ digital/ gillian/ 0100/ 01.html support/ kb/ articles/ Q80/ 5/ 20.ASP Opinions/ JoycePark/ JoycePark1.html news/ business/ 0,1367,35571,00.html ct/ english/ 00/ 08/ 174/ ext2/ 99/ 10/ articles/ ext210081999.shtml ntvslinux.html articles/ 1906,1,1,1,0601,00.html techcenters/ docs/ linux/ technology/ PIT19991109S0045