This is the "help" section of the "link cannon". Some folks asked me to post this collection of links.
The collection began as my own, but it has since been greatly augmented by the efforts of the "regulars" in the Yahoo! chat room "Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris:1"
The collection originated from custom user commands created for the chat client curfloo The conversion script used then was
The author of the zinc chat client provides two handy perl scripts for converting from curfloo commands format to zinc commands format, and back.
Zinc allows the creation of multiple custom commands files in ~/.zinc/cmd/ , which makes it easy to create multiple HTML files from them.
The script used to produce this page is zinc-linker. The zinc custom commands are in zinc-coms.tgz.
All software mentioned above is provided AS-IS, without warranty. Use at your own risk.
Broken links are a side-effect of a dynamic World Wide Web.

Last updated: February 24, 2005

HP/UX "The order of entries in /etc/fstab is important only for entries without a pass number field. Entries without a pass number are sequentially checked by fsck (see fsck(1M)) after the entries with a pass number have been checked." -> en/ B2355-60105/ fstab.4.html

AIX "The system mounts file systems in the order they appear in the /etc/filesystems file." -> infocenter/ pseries/ index.jsp ?topic =/ aixbman/ admnconc/ fs_mount.htm

FreeBSD "The order of records in fstab is important because fsck(8), mount(8), and umount(8) sequentially iterate through fstab doing their thing." -> cgi/ man.cgi ?query =fstab &sektion =5

Linux "The order of records in fstab is important because fsck(8), mount(8), and umount(8) sequentially iterate through fstab doing their thing." -> doc/ linux/ man/ man5/ fstab.5.html

NetBSD "The order of records in fstab is important because fsck(8), mount(8), and umount(8) sequentially iterate through fstab doing their respective tasks." -> ?find =fstab +5 +20

OpenBSD "The order of records in fstab is important because fsck(8), mount(8), and umount(8) sequentially iterate through fstab doing their thing." -> cgi-bin/ man.cgi ?query =fstab &apropos =0 &sektion =0 &manpath =OpenBSD +Current &arch =i386 &format =html

Tru64 " The order of the lines in the /etc/fstab file is important because the fsck, mount, and umount commands read the file sequentially from top to bottom." -> docs/ base_doc/ DOCUMENTATION/ V40F_HTML/ MAN/ MAN4/ 0073____.HTM

Patrick Volkerding needs help -> slackware-current/ PAT-NEEDS-YOUR-HELP.txt

Red Hat => Fedora announcement -> software/ 03/ 11/ 03/ 1657205.shtml

Novell to buy SuSE, IBM investing $ 50 million in Novell; "Novell is firmly committed to open standards and maintaining the existing open source kernel development efforts."-> article.php ?story =20031104093158949

3d modelling ->

graphics tutorials - Blender, The Gimp, Image Magick, hugin & enblend, Tuxpaint, Kino ->

Tom's Hardware Guide -- Nvidia 3d under Linux -> graphic/ 00q3/ 000811/ linux_geforce-01.html

"Going 3D with Blender: Very first steps" -> ~sasha/ LinuxFocus/ English/ July2003/ article305.shtml

for accounting in linux -> design/ linuxacct.html quasar.html

"POSIX Access Control Lists on Linux" -> ~agruen/ acl/ linux-acls/ online/

using linux for aol -> TUTORIALS/ LinuxTutorialAOL.html

an amble through apache configuration -> lpt/ a/ 103 support/ resources/ faqs/ RH-apache-FAQ

apache and php -> tpromag/ 200004/ 200004.htm owned by white hats -> content/ archive/ 10685.html

"An apt-get primer" -> os/ 04/ 12/ 02/ 1710208.shtml ?tid =2 &tid =130

awk tutorial -> awk/ start.html tsawk0.html developerworks/ linux/ library/ l-awk1.html developerworks/ linux/ library/ l-awk2.html developerworks/ linux/ library/ l-awk3.html

for a personal system, backup -> grouch/ backitup.html

bash reference manual -> manual/ bash/ html_chapter/ bashref_toc.html

bastille home ->

beginner's guide to installing linux -> beginners-linux-guide/ index.html

for some tips on beginning in linux -> grouch/ notes.html

shaped cd recordables -> recordables.htm

linuxcare bootable toolkit ->

"Command Line Interface Accessible to Visually Impaired with trplayer" -> stories.php ?story =37

computers for the blind -> computer/ index.html

Links for blind linux users -> speakup.html cs/ heiss/ blinux/ index-en.html blinux/ mailman/ listinfo/ blinux-newbie

-> ~axel/ bliss/

the open source IA-32 emulation project ->

free books -> library/ gutenberg/

amaya-> elisp/ w3/ skipstone ~aito/ w3m/ eng/ Amaya

personal finance planning -> spendingguidelines.html

cheap and easy business network with linux -> site-stories/ 2002/ 0225.xterminal13.html

tips on buying computers -> buyingTips.asp

On To C++ by Patrick Henry Winston -> people/ phw/ Books/

the cable modem howto -> HOWTO/ Cable-Modem/ index.html

CAD for linux -> issue54/ frost.html

"Use Your Digital Camera with Linux" -> pub/ a/ linux/ 2005/ 01/ 06/ digicam.html

the link-cannon links -> cannon/

-> reviews/ casioqv3000/

-> infosyssec/ cctv.htm

"Care and Handling Guide for the Preservation of CDs and DVDs - A joint Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) and NIST project." -> div895/ carefordisc/

"Create Self-Booting Movie CDs" -> pub/ a/ linux/ 2004/ 08/ 26/ bootable_movies.html

cheap Linux distribution and FreeBSD cds -> CD/ vendors

cheap cds in Australia ->

cheap cds in Germany ->

cheap cds in Denmark ->

cheap cds in France ->

cheap cds in the Netherlands ->

cheap cds in the UK ->

cheap cds in South Africa ->

The Live CD List -> content/ livecd.php ?sort = &showonly =

cd writing HOWTO -> HOWTO/ CD-Writing-HOWTO.html

"Burning CDs with Mandrake 9.0 & Eroaster", screenshots, tutorial -> eroaster/

cd writing with an ATAPI/IDE writer in Linux -> tutorial/ ide-scsi.php linux/ cdrw.htm linux/ coasterless.htm

linux + cell phone + internet -> pub/ a/ linux/ 2004/ 02/ 05/ linux_cellular.html

Linux Certification ->

LPI tutorial 1 -> reg/ devworks/ dw-linuxlpi1-i ?S_TACT =103AMW61 &S_CMP =LPI1GR &ca =dgr-lwx15LPI1

LPI tutorial 2 -> reg/ devworks/ dw-linuxlpi2-i ?S_TACT =103AMW61 &S_CMP =LPI2GR &ca =dgr-lwx15LPI2

LPI tutorial 3 -> reg/ devworks/ dw-linuxlpi3-i ?S_TACT =103AMW61 &S_CMP =LPI3GR &ca =dgr-lwx15LPI3

LPI tutorial 4 -> reg/ devworks/ dw-linuxlpi4-i ?S_TACT =103AMW61 &S_CMP =LPI4GR &ca =dgr-lwx15LPI4

LPI tutorial 5 -> reg/ devworks/ dw-linuxlpi5-i ?S_TACT =103AMW61 &S_CMP =LPI5GR &ca =dgr-lwx15LPI5

LPI tutorial 6 -> reg/ devworks/ dw-linuxlpi6-i ?S_TACT =103AMW61 &S_CMP =LPI6GR &ca =dgr-lwx15LPI6

LPI tutorial 7 -> reg/ devworks/ dw-linuxlpi7-i ?S_TACT =103AMW61 &S_CMP =LPI7GR &ca =dgr-lwx15LPI78

LPI tutorial 8 -> reg/ devworks/ dw-linuxlpi8-i ?S_TACT =103AMW61 &S_CMP =LPI8GR &ca =dgr-lwx15LPI8

links to the home pages of *nix chat clients-> Curfloo (text, ncurses, C++), Curphoo (text, ncurses, Python), Gyach (GUI, gtk, C), Qtchat/ (GUI, qt, C++), Yahoonix (text, ncurses, C), Yahscrewed (unfinished, Perl), Ychat.el (Emacs, elisp) -> links1.html#chat

notes on CHanging MODe (permissions) -> grouch/ chmod.html

"In the Beginning was the Command Line" -> words/ commandline.html

archive of clip art free for any use ->

clone hard disks of identical PCs across a network -> projects/ cloneit/

"The Linux Cookbook: Tips and Techniques for Everyday Use" by Michael Stutz (online, for download, and in hardcopy) --> cookbook/ cookbook_toc.html

how to be a guru -> cookbook/ cookbook_toc.html

detecting defective CPU or RAM --> developerworks/ linux/ library/ l-hw1/ index.html ?wzone =linux ?open &l =335,t =gr,p =lxhwstabgd1

have you been 0wn3d? -> Sec/ 2202/ LWD010404vcontrol1/

Common Unix Printing System (CUPS) ->

Curfloo to the rescue! -> grouch/ curflad.html

Curfloo man page in HTML format -> curfloo/ manpage/ curfman/

debian upgrade to 2.4 kernel -> News/ 2001/ 20010415

debian kernel compile instructions -> doc/ FAQ/ ch-kernel.html

debian installation instructions for intel arch -> releases/ stable/ i386/ install

creating business-card cdroms of debian -> debian-cd/ 2001/ debian-cd-200108/ msg00002.html

debian sid amd64 -> docman/ view.php/ 30192/ 21/ debian-amd64-howto.html#installation install-images/ sid-amd64-netinst.iso

dvd authoring in debian. packages: dvdauthor, dvdbackup, vobcopy, libdv4, libdv4-dev, libsdl1.2-dev; links -> pub/ libdvdcss/ 1.2.8/ deb/

some pointers on customizing Debian -> os/ 05/ 01/ 11/ 0129210.shtml

how XM radio works -> satellite-radio.htm

mandrake has a demo and tutorials page -> en/ demos/ index.php

descent 3d for linux -> linuxworld/ lw-2000-09/ lw-09-descent3.html products/ descent3/ demo.php3

devfs faq -> ~rgooch/ linux/ docs/ devfs.html developerworks/ library/ l-fs4.html

diction and style -> pub/ a/ linux/ 2000/ 05/ 05/ LivingLinux.html

digital camera software for linux ->

DirecPC for Linux ->

easy way to move from one disk to another -> HOWTO/ Hard-Disk-Upgrade/ index.html

choosing which distro, with links -> grouch/ distro.html

list of over 400 Linux distributions -> Distributions/

build your own pc -> byopc/ FamilyWeb.nsf/ 504ca249c786e20f85256284006da7ab/ d5ee5048c8d38c40ca256d4600327e00 ?OpenDocument

free dns ->

dns setup help -> docs/ domain_name_service.htm

accredited domain registrars -> registrars/ accredited-list.html

doom3 GNU/Linux FAQ -> linux/ doom/

get your steamy dotfiles for all those .diddlyrc files! ->

drams cross-reference table -> decode1.html crossref.htm

Linux Device Drivers, 2nd edition -> ldd/ chapter/ book/ index.html

-> HOWTO/ DSL-HOWTO/ index.html

dual booting info (note that's #OSBOOT not %23OSBOOT )-> HOWTO/ HOWTO-INDEX/ os.html#OSBOOT

"Using the NT Boot Loader to Boot Linux" -> Home.nsf/ b8ec57204f60dfcb4a2568c60014ed0f/ 96ed97b0093f9fb44a2568c60036ca4e ?OpenDocument

dual booting info -> HOWTO/ Linux +Win95.html

dvd -> html/ dvd/ linux_dvd_burning.html TUTORIALS/ LinuxTutorialVideo.html quickdvdhowto.html projects/ lxdvdrip/

descramble dvd in 7 perl lines -> ~dst/ DeCSS/ Gallery/ news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-03-07-015-04-NW-CY

Do you like the DMCA? go here -> ~fatphil/ maths/ #Smallest

comparison +RW and -RW formats -> article/ 113

"DVD Demystified" (the dvd FAQ) -> dvdfaq.html

"DVD Authoring" -> issue83/ stoddard.html

"Some thoughts on DVD authoring" -> Linux/ dvd.html

"Ripping DVDs to Divx with mencoder (mplayer)" -> dvdripping4linux/ other/ ripping_dvds_to_divx_with_mencoder.html

-> oss-dvd/ HOWTO-ossdvd.html

dynfw scripts -> developerworks/ linux/ library/ l-fw/ ?n-l-4191

"Building EEPROM Burner" -> HOWTO/ Diskless-HOWTO-9.html

"E-Mail Encryption: Why Isn't Everyone Doing It?" -> perl/ story/ 18860.html

the linux ethernet HOWTO -> HOWTO/ Ethernet-HOWTO.html nhf/ Networks/ Module_List.html

to relieve the dependency some folks have on m$ exchange -> Products/ TradeServer/ trade_server.html news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-12-12-015-20-PR-DT

-> sploits_all.html

"Geek Law: Fair Use" -> article.php ?sid =6080

stand up for your rights, digital and otherwise! ->

Zalman quiet fans and heatsinks -> english/ intro.htm

access your win/dos drives -> grouch/ mountfat.html

kluge permissions (partition-wide at least) on your mounted win/dos drives -> grouch/ fatperm.html

FreeBSD links -> projects/ newbies.html de/ gif/ bsd/ userfriendly.html resources/ Tutorials/ FreeBSD/ ide-cd-burning/ article.htm bsd freebsd/ Freebsd_Links/ freebsd_links.html handbook/ index.html

interview with FreeBSD kernel hacker Matthew Dillon (extensive interview, lots of info) "...we open-source programmers do not do these things for a 5-minute spot on CNN, we do these things because they are cool, and interesting, and make the world a better place for everyone." -> article.php ?sid =459

fetchmail home -> ~esr/ fetchmail/ index.html

the Linux Filesystem Hierarchy Standard -> fhs/

if you want to know about filesystems (FAT 12/16/32, VFAT, HPFS, NTFS, ext, ext2, ext3, HFS, iso9660, others) -> HOWTO/ Filesystems-HOWTO.html

firewall HOWTO -> HOWTO/ Firewall-HOWTO.html


the font HOWTO -> HOWTO/ Font-HOWTO.html

the Font DeUglification mini-HOWTO -> HOWTO/ FDU/ index.html

-> search/ ?site =Freshmeat &q =$_ §ion =projects

"FreePM is a full-service open source medical practice management system that is licensed under the GNU General Public License, commonly referred to as the GPL. " -> linuxmednews/ 993731309/ index_html

Free Software Magazine, Vol. 1, Issue 1, supported by the FSF -> english/ FSM/ issue01

Linux Standards Base (LSB) 1.1 and Li18nux (internationalization) standards released ->

"The more I use Fvwm, the less patience I have with the limitations of newer, supposedly better Window Managers." -> tril/ fvwm/

galeon - the web and only the web ->

games ->

gentoo linux sports ports ->

glade tutorial -> ~rgiles/ kplug/ tutorial/ gladekplugtut.html

"GLUE: Finding Groups of Linux Users Everywhere" -> glue/ groups/

Emacspeak 12.0 -- Announcing GoldenDog --> releases/ 1730.html

GNU definition of free software -> philosophy/ free-sw.html

gpart -> user/ 76201/ gpart/

programming the mouse -> article.php ?sid =4600 &mode =thread &order =0

"Using a Linux desktop for graphics, media production" -> software/ 03/ 12/ 10/ 2345242.shtml

$1 -> groups ?group =$2

-> grouch/ $_

how to be a guru -- READ -> cookbook/ cookbook_toc.html

"High-availability middleware on Linux" -> developerworks/ library/ l-halinux/ ?ca =dnt-541

too many people are misinformed by television concerning what a "hacker" is, see this for the real definition -> ~esr/ jargon/ html/ H/ hacker.html

The Hardware Book ->

Linux hardware stability guide, Part 1 -> developerworks/ linux/ library/ l-hw1/ developerworks/ linux/ library/ l-hw2/

hardware basics -> Home.nsf/ e13d28c7fa3133464a2569250040c56b/ 9be0be397da1ffdb4a2569250041e428 ?OpenDocument

hdtv for linux ->

history of computers -> joerudolph/ h.htm

r_holmes_uk has too much time for searching weird things -> index.htm

rms on bitkeeper and GNU/Linux -> node/ 204

set it up for peace in the home, admin for those who don't care about the os -> grouch/ homelan.html

"Incident Analysis of Compromised OpenBSD 3.0 Honeypot -- The Distributed Honeypot Project" -> whitepapers/ manuzis-7-5-2002-1.html


-> $_

lessons in writing html -> tut/ lessons.html dev/

i810 howto --> HOWTO/ i810-HOWTO/ index.html

the icon store -> iconstore/

list of Integrated Development Environments for linux -> faq/ Devtools/ ides.html

transforming images -> pub/ a/ 280

modem init strings -> inits/ index.html

the Linux Installation and Getting Started Guide -> LDP/ gs/ gs.html

"Install GNU/Linux without any CD, floppy, USB-key, nor any other removable media" -> linux/ win2linstall.html

"The Linux iPAQ[tm] HOWTO Homepage" -> linux-ipaq/

the ipchains howto -> HOWTO/ IPCHAINS-HOWTO.html linux/ firewall/ index.html

-> HOWTO/ IP-Masquerade-HOWTO.html

iptables -> ~jns/ security/ iptables/ documentation/ HOWTO/ NAT-HOWTO.html

how to build an isp -> resources/ isp_guide/ index.html

freebsd, netbsd and linux distribution iso files ->

see the "help with iso images" sections -> viewdoc.php/ isofaq.html viewdoc.php/ howtoburn.html viewdoc.php/ verifyiso.html

ivtv patched for 2.6 kernels -> ~ckennedy/ ivtv/

the jargon file -> ~esr/ jargon/ html/ index.html

installation instructions for sun java -> j2se/ 1.4.2/ jre/ install-linux.html linux.html content/ debian/ java.php

JFS for Linux -> developerworks/ opensource/ jfs/ index.html

jigdo -> CD/ jigdo-cd/

Linux joystick driver -> joystick/

ergonomic keyboard ->

linux kernel coding style -> article.php ?sid =5780

knoppix hd install -> wiki/ Hd_Install_HowTo knowing-knoppix/ index.html

help with Linux on laptops ->

linuxcare bootable toolkit -> index.epl

the Linux Documentation Project ->

Linux Development Platform Specification -> ldps

"Linux Frequently Asked Questions with Answers" -> FAQ/ Linux-FAQ/ index.html


-> HOWTO/ LILO.html

some sorted (general, software, graphics, hardware) HELP links for Linux at -> links1.html

"Tech-notes and white papers on Linux and open-source software" -> Home.nsf/ Linux ?OpenView

laptops with linux preinstalled ->

an excellent report on the birth and early development of Linux: "The Greatest OS That (N)ever Was" by Glyn Moody -> wired/ 5.08/ linux.html

loads of linux links -> linux/ links/

linux timeline -> article.php ?sid =6000

an introduction to LVM (logical volume management) -> article/ lvm

mail retrieval/filter utility ->

"we are happy to report that since January MandrakeSoft has been 'cash-flow positive'." -> company/ press/ briefs ?n =/ mandrakesoft/ news/ 2425

"Organization for Free Software in Education and Teaching" math software -> freeduc/ browser.php ?categoryID =5

explanation of mounting CDROMs and floppies -> linux/ lx-mounting.html

dial-in voice, fax, data server -> mgetty/

"The IDA Open Source Migration Guidelines" -> ISPO/ ida/ export/ files/ en/ 1603.pdf

linux on a floppy -> uk/


some motherboard specs -> ~canada/ webhq/ specs.htm

the Linux modem HOWTO -> HOWTO/ Modem-HOWTO.html international/ int-howtobuy.shtml

image magick help -> ?sid =04/ 02/ 22/ 227231 pub/ a/ 280

monitor specs ->

more linux links -> ~magliaco/ linux.html

"movie solutions for linux" -> bcast2000.php3
http://www.heroinewarrior/ firehose.php3

bug in X lets website crash Mozilla, requiring cold boot to recover -> content/ 55/ 25689.html

Mr. Rogers quotes -> 2003/ SHOWBIZ/ TV/ 02/ 27/ rogers.quotes.ap/

linux music and sound apps -> pub/ a/ linux/ 2004/ 12/ 16/ rosegarden.html

IUMA -- Internet Underground Music Archives ->

Janis Ian ->

mysql gotchas -> mysql/ gotchas.html

napigator opennap server list -> list.php

-> lj-issues/ issue17/ 1124.html

non-english mirrors of The Linux Documentation Project -> links/ nenglish.html

$1 see this -> grouch/ new.html

newbie help -> newbies/

-> Home.nsf/ b8ec57204f60dfcb4a2568c60014ed0f/ 09212fde3c0c7597ca256ce70022e91c ?OpenDocument Home.nsf/ web/ Which +Linux +Distribution +is +Best +for +a +Newbie %3f ?OpenDocument

linux networking howto -> HOWTO/ HOWTO-INDEX/ networking.html HOWTO/ Home-Network-mini-HOWTO.html

lotus notes 5 in linux using wine -> notes5.shtml

ntfs programs -> ntfs resize FAQ -> mlf/ ezaz/ ntfsresize.html

patent-free, Open replacement for mp3 encumbrances -> ogg/ vorbis/ index.html

tech support that packard bell doesn't provide ->

another partition table rescue howto -> linuxplanet/ tutorials/ 3174/ 7/

"How to Reset forgotten Root passwords" -> 107/ tomar.html

how to patch -> faq/ index.php3#patch issue32/ ayers1.html

from knight_0wl, to fix curfloo for the new yahoo cookie -> grouch/ curfloo-fix.html files/ diff_PM

pctel modem -> pctel.htm

php and classes -> columns/ rod19990601.php3

PHP FastTemplate HOWTO -> theme/

-> ~picobsd/ picobsd/ doc/ intro.html

some free construction plans from Canada -> english/ planmenu.htm

from PsycaTheCabanaBoy: "heh.. and the number one reason google rules?" -> images ?q =porn

"Porting device drivers to the 2.6 kernel" -> Articles/ driver-porting/

open group -> online.html

From Power-Up to Bash Prompt -> ~okeefe/ p2b/

PPPoA -> _H4U/ technology/ internet/ ultraline/ pppoalinux1.html

full ppp HOWTO -> HOWTO/ PPP-HOWTO/ index.html

$_ >> step by step instructions (with PICTURES) for Kppp, WvDial, rp3 and Linuxconf at -> HOWTO/ PPP-HOWTO/ tools.html

printer help ->

the printing HOWTO -> HOWTO/ Printing-HOWTO/ index.html

blackrhino gnu/linux for the playstation2 ->

(something psyca wanted me to save) -> tokyo/ ~mourits/ koelkast howtos/ eng/ html/ Game-Server-HOWTO/ html/

Personal Video Recorder info -> docs/ pub/ a/ linux/ 2003/ 11/ 13/ linux_pvr.html tiki-page.php ?pageName =pvrhw_tuners how-to/ linux-htpc/ tuner_cards.html

quake2 goes GPL -> ?sid =01/ 12/ 22/ 053211

html editor ->

begin here ->

some regex help -> Server_Side/ Administration/ RegExp/

more regex help -> helpsheets/ regex.html

fun with regular expressions -> regexp.shtml

info on reiserfs and other journalling filesystems -> developerworks/ linux/ library/ l-fs

to re-install LILO -> grouch/ relilo.html

how to fix it ->

resistor color codes -> ~jadams/ electronics/ resistor_codes.htm

"Choosing a Monitor", includes good info on relationships among resolution, refresh rate, pixels, dot pitch -> library/ weekly/ aa021798.htm

rfc 3330 "RFC 3330 - Special-Use IPv4 Addresses" -> rfcs/ rfc3330.html

Torvalds on reiserfs -> linux/ KERNEL/ kern-01/ kern-0101/ kern-010173/ kern01011612_19300.html

get your rpms -> linux/ RPM/

secure remote printing -> article.php ?sid =5462

"One script to rule them all..." ->

some info on samba -> catalog/ samba/ chapter/ book/ index.html catalog/ samba2/ book/ toc.html

-> ~mdharm/ linux-usb/ sandisk.html

Scanner Access Now Easy ->

sarge install -> pub/ cdimage-testing/ dvd/ jigdo-area/ devel/ debian-installer/ CD/ netinst/ CD/ jigdo-cd/

help with setting up linux in a school, from a school that uses it -> linux/

Linux from scratch ->

cross-site scripting advisory -> advisories/ CA-2000-02.html

Why Do I Have to Tighten Security on My System? (Why Can't I Just Patch?) By Jay Beale, Lead Developer, Bastille Linux Project, for SecurityPortal -> jay/ why-do-I-have-to-tighten.html

-> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2000-11-08-001-21-SC-CY

the security FAQ -> Security/ Faq/

newbie security: don't worry, just don't trust -> content/ 4/ 26843.html

"Bastille's Beale: How to avoid security problems, Linux vs. Windows security" -> newsforge/ 02/ 10/ 25/ 1728232.shtml

sed tutorials -> ~elflord/ unix/ sed.html tutorial/ bash/ sed.html grabbag/ tutorials/

"Sendmail Setup for your Home Network" -> article.php ?sid =4541

advanced bash scripting -> LDP/ abs/ html/

Bash scripting, 1 -> issue52/ okopnik2.html

Bash scripting, 2 -> issue53/ okopnik.html

Bash scripting, 3 -> issue54/ okopnik.html

Bash scripting, 4 -> issue55/ okopnik.html

the sig11 faq -> sig11/

The Silicon Graphics Refrigerator Project -> ~mourits/ koelkast

browser based on the gecko engine -> skipstone/

some old crypto machines -> ~jproc/ crypto/ kw26.html ~jproc/ crypto/ ky3.html

StarOffice to get away from m$ version incompatibilities, licenses, and security holes, including outlook (lookout!) -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-04-17-001-20-OP-BZ-SW

tutorial on sound configuration -> linuxplanet/ tutorials/ 2038/ 1/ HOWTO/ Sound-HOWTO/ index.html

sound and midi software for linux -> ~dlphilp/ linuxsound/

clean *some* of the shit out of winshit ->

SQL help -> pub/ ct/ 19

stockwatch.tcl for your desktop -> 11000

stratagus is a free real-time strategy (RTS) game for Mac and Linux -> pub/ a/ linux/ 2004/ 07/ 15/ stratagus.html

stuffit expander for (x86) linux -> expander/ expander_linux_login.html

"Stupid, Stupid Protocols: Telnet, FTP, rsh/rcp/rlogin" -> jay/ stupid-protocols.html

Strunk, William, 1918, The Elements of Style -> strunk/

tak!cd -> takcd/

takfloo -> miscellaneous_code/ curfloo-0.76c.tar.gz

tcl/tk documentation -> resource/ doc/ start/

top ten tips for linux users -> news/ linuxnut_0800.html

-> test/ results/ index.html

some beginning tips for Linux at -> grouch/

toms root boot rescue -> rb/

HOWTO scare your neighbors: floating arm trebuchet -> story.php/ fat.html

Shooting Trouble -- Not the Windows Way -> linuxworld/ lw-2000-05/ lw-05-penguin_2_p.html

tty recorder -> ~satoru/ ttyrec/ index.html.en

ext2 undeletion ->

unix history -> hc/ unixhistory.html what_is_unix/ history_timeline.html history/ unix/ btoc.html

"Twenty Years of Berkeley Unix" -> catalog/ opensources/ book/ kirkmck.html

Dennis Ritchie "What we wanted to preserve was not just a good environment in which to do programming, but a system around which a fellowship could form. We knew from experience that the essence of communal computing, as supplied by remote-access, time-shared machines, is not just to type programs into a terminal instead of a keypunch, but to encourage close communication." -> cm/ cs/ who/ dmr/ hist.html

Dennis Ritchie "Processes (independently executing entities) existed very early in PDP-7 Unix. There were in fact precisely two of them, one for each of the two terminals attached to the machine." -> cm/ cs/ who/ dmr/ hist.html

"A 1974 paper in Communications of the ACM [Ritchie-Thompson] gave Unix its first public exposure. In that paper, its authors described the unprecedentedly simple design of Unix, and reported over 600 Unix installations. All were on machines underpowered even by the standards of that day, but (as Ritchie and Thompson wrote) "constraint has encouraged not only economy, but also a certain elegance of design"" -> linux-unix/ art-unix-programming/ ch02s01.html

unix help links -> resourses/ staff/ unix/ links/ Unixhelp/

"The Art of Unix Programming" -> linux-unix/ art-unix-programming/ index.html

Linux usb ->

ussr info -> RegionalDocs/ USSR_China.htm

quick guide to using linux as a vcr -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-03-05-009-20-PS-HW-HL

VIA chipsets have a data corruption bug! -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-04-13-007-21-PS-HW-KN content/ 3/ 18267.html

virtual network computing -> vnc/

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"But if I am right, then count on a networked future that is wildly better than our past. Imagine then a world of innovation and growth when anywhere and everywhere you could always be on-connected via wireless." -> article2/ 0,3959,932624,00.asp

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