This is the "chatcrap" section of the "link cannon". Some folks asked me to post this collection of links.
The collection began as my own, but it has since been greatly augmented by the efforts of the "regulars" in the Yahoo! chat room "Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris:1"
The collection originated from custom user commands created for the chat client curfloo The conversion script used then was
The author of the zinc chat client provides two handy perl scripts for converting from curfloo commands format to zinc commands format, and back.
Zinc allows the creation of multiple custom commands files in ~/.zinc/cmd/ , which makes it easy to create multiple HTML files from them.
The script used to produce this page is zinc-linker. The zinc custom commands are in zinc-coms.tgz.
All software mentioned above is provided AS-IS, without warranty. Use at your own risk.
Broken links are a side-effect of a dynamic World Wide Web.

Last updated: February 24, 2005

from pub/ irs-pdf/ i1040sc.pdf

from OP_Home/ handbook/ handbook.11/ handbook-1101.html

magnesium -> ~texascm/ mg/

curphoo -> projects/ curphoo/

gyach -> ~cpinkham/ gyach/

zinc ->

real hobbits -> life/ science/ story/ 0,12996,1340665,00.html

astroturfing -> ~esr/ jargon/ html/ A/ astroturfing.html

$_ -> files/ chatstandard

for all your hairy elephant needs... ->

art by Linda Bergkvist -> images/ ladyofmask-closeup.jpg

Curfloo-0.76b-patched ( files/ diff_PM miscellaneous_code/ curfloo-0.76c.tar.gz

my desktop suits me -> grouch/ #desktop

$1 -> files/ edge-coms.tgz

Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris:1 Yahoo! Chatroom Etiquette -> faq/ yahoo.html

my ignore list -> grouch/ ignore

henry, the hood ornament -> images/ 10150047.jpg

"The hostile newbie has now at best amused and at worst seriously annoyed the people he was seeking help from." -> blog/ display/ 32

-> images/ $_

-> images/ 11020005.jpg

a couple of ancient computer components -> images/ index.html

$1 > think you've been answered harshly or not at all? maybe you're doing something embarassing (to you). see -> ~esr/ faqs/ smart-questions.html

$1 > think you've been answered harshly or not at all? maybe you're doing something embarassing (to you). see -> docs/ documentation/ smart-questions/ smart-questions.html

ronin ignore list -> ignore

what's this ->

we are gathered here... -> what/ sermon.html

Tak! by levi_tak (aka evil_flaming_tak) -> what/ sk.html

see -> ~esr/ jargon/ html/ T/ troll.html ~mikelr/ flame29.html