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Last updated: February 24, 2005

Joe Pranevich: Wonderful World of Linux 2.4 11/23/00 ("Turkey Day" Update) -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2000-11-23-017-06-NW-LF-KN

Joe Pranevich: Wonderful World of Linux 2.6 -> wwol26.html

from march, 1999 -> TECH/ computing/ 9903/ 16/ super.idg/

'"To me, this new system is a godsend. I leapt out of my chair when I first heard about it," says public information officer Mary DeBurbon. "I can't tell you how many calls I get each week asking about old cases. From now on, I can keep track of every crime we are investigating." So move over, Batman; Gotham may have just discovered a new symbol of law enforcement, and it's a penguin.' -> governmenttopics/ government/ policy/ story/ 0,10801,64320,00.html

"Linux Hits Home with Adoption by Finland's Sonera" ISP providing for 500,000 private and 70,000 corporate customers replaces 60 UNIX and NT servers with 1 running Linux. -> marketwatch/ linux1012.cfm

Financial Times - "With the advantage of flexibility and lower costs, Linux is not only taking market share from Unix, it is also stemming the growth of Windows in the server arena." -> globalarchive/ article.html ?id =011017002095

"FREE GEEK is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that recycles used technology and provides computers, education and access to the internet in exchange for a few hours of community service." ->

CNet -- " was able to cut $ 17 million in technology expenses in the last quarter largely because of a switch to Linux." -> news/ 0-1003-200-7720536.html ?tag =owv news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-10-30-014-20-NW-BZ-EL

Yahoo/Reuters -- "The free operating system Linux was another unexpected result from ad hoc Internet collaboration that has been embraced by Intel, saving the chip maker $ 200 million, [Intel VP of Technology] Busch said." -> h/ nm/ 20011030/ tc/ tech_intel_napster_dc_2.html news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-10-30-016-20-NW-DP

"SuSE 7.3 rocks Red Hat and flips XP the bird" -> content/ 4/ 22882.html

surprise! compaq doesn't hide its linux offerings on its website -> ?sid =01/ 11/ 20/ 2151233

real-time, world-wide, "B2B" portal for Tommy Hilfiger Corporation: Linux and IBM -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-12-06-008-20-PR-DP

antivirus companies screech about coming Linux viruses. Answer? "Don't hold your breath." -> news/ article/ 0,aid,75965,00.asp articles/ op/ xml/ 01/ 12/ 17/ 011217opsource.xml

AMD processor-based cluster to run state-of-the-art safety tests for Mercedes using Linux -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-12-19-017-20-PR-DP-HW

"What do penguins do in the cold? Help model ice shelves" 2d and 3d modelling of ice shelves and ocean currents using Linux. -> idg2.nsf/ All/ F474B9DCBB5D9CE04A256B0300227CB7!OpenDocument &NavArea =Home &SelectedCate

"Counting potato" using SLOC (source lines of code) and the COCOMO model ([Boehm1981] Barry W., Boehm, 1981, Software Engineering Economics, Prentice Hall.), the software included in Debian 2.2 would cost about $ 1.9 billion U.S. to produce commercially (debian, like other distributions, uses open source software from developers all over the world. they just use a "kitchen sink" approach with it) -> ~jgb/ debian-counting/

"Counting Source Lines of Code (SLOC)" and "More than a Gigabuck: Estimating GNU/Linux's Size" by David Wheeler -> sloc/

low-fat linux (how to set up for old or low-mem hardware) -> ~pursang/ lofat.html

very nice itemization of where open source saves money over microsoft -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2002-01-04-010-20-NW-BZ-MS-0014

the Goa schools project in India -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2002-01-09-020-20-NW-DP-RH ?sid =02/ 01/ 09/ 1252220

"You don't make money selling Open Source -- you make money using it." -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2002-01-10-016-20-OP-BZ tpromag/ 200201/ 200201.htm#_linuxlog

"Microsoft's unprovoked aggressiveness towards the open source world offers perhaps the best refutation to the contention that in the wake of the dotcom downturn, free software is a spent force. If it were, Microsoft's top officers would not spend so much of their valuable time vilifying it." -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2002-01-10-014-20-OP-BZ &tbovrmode =1 online/ story/ 0,3605,629939,00.html

US News & World Report "Out The Windows" -- "In the past two years, consumer versions of Linux have come a long way, with a simplified look and refined programs that can accomplish most of what home users want, to browse the Web, send E-mail, and handle spreadsheets and word processing, while easily swapping files with computers running Windows." -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2002-01-11-010-20-PS-DT usnews/ issue/ 020114/ tech/ 14linux.htm

help stamp out Word.DOC email! -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2002-01-11-002-20-OP &tbovrmode =1

"How to Run a Microsoft-Free Shop" - By Scott Berinato (a 12 step program) -> archive/ 010102/ shop_content.html ?printversion =yes

"Michael Tiemaan, CTO of Linux vendor Red Hat, recently did such a presentation for a customer. The customer had done a high-volume transaction on a $ 2.5 million, 32-processor server using Windows applications.. Even then, the transaction took two weeks to finish. Red Hat and the customer put together an alternative: 10 two-processor servers running Linux. All told, it cost $ 500,000. The transaction now completes inone day." -> archive/ 010102/ shop_content.html ?printversion =yes

the Linux watch -> products/ gallery/ linuxwatch.shtml

"Linux for people who think an iMac is hard to use" -> ?sid =02/ 01/ 10/ 1922249

"The Register: Linux Quake3 rocks Win-XP Quake3 on new P4" -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2002-01-18-014-20-RV content/ 4/ 23735.html

"Protecting your home computer has never been easier -- or more important -- and the tools to do this are just clicks away. Doing the work with Linux can be inexpensive and fun." -- Chicago Tribune -> technology/ chi-020124linux.story ?coll =chi %2Dtechnology %2Dhed news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2002-01-25-019-20-SC-HL

"How the Wayback Machine works" -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2002-01-23-023-20-NW-DP pub/ a/ webservices/ 2002/ 01/ 18/ brewster.html

TrustCommerce switched to Linux on the desktop. "Open Source On The Business Desktop -- A Real World Analysis" by Adam Wiggins, Chief Software Architect, TrustCommerce -> ~adam/ office.html

what happens when you combine an AMD XP, an Intel P4, a mobo that needs a bios upgrade, and a benchmarker who, despite having little clue, manages to run linux and windows on each, even though the AMD is at about half the Intel clock speed? -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2002-01-30-012-26-RV-HW &tbovrmode =1 content/ 4/ 23845.html

"[Linux] is the stone soup way of making something. Everyone gives a little (and maybe, if some are generous enough, there's enough that not everyone needs to give, at least not directly), generally of something they can easily afford, and in return they get to share this wonderful thing. It's a thing far grander than any of us could have built for ourselves; it's probably grander than most of us could imagine building for ourselves. And now we can share it with anyone who wants it, because digital stone soup is even more magical than the kind they cooked up in the story, and no matter how many bowlfuls you give away, you still have the whole pot left." -- Martin Maney -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2002-02-04-008-20-IN-CY-RH-0023

" ditches the OS in new PCs" -- is testing selling PCs without an operating system "to cater to a rise in customer requests for computers with different operating systems." -> 2100-1017-842375.html

-> articles/ issue18/ lu18-Free_Software_Matters.html


"Bynari's InsightConnector removes the most expensive part of this equation - the Exchange server and associated per client licenses. At $ 39 per client, InsightConnector licenses and the use of a free Linux IMAP mail server can save your company over $ 50 per client, with greater savings for bulk client purchases." -> linuxplanet/ reports/ 4099/ 1/

superior security of open source -> rebuttals/ security.html

GeekPAC and the AOTC propose to defend the Internet from government and corporate takeover, including such things as the DMCA, SSSCA (CBDTPA) and UCITA -> otc.htm

Wal-mart for your next Linux / *BSD computer? Microtel responds *fast* to fix modem troubles after newsforge & slashdot articles -> newsforge/ 02/ 05/ 02/ 1514240.shtml ?tid =7

quite possibly the finest MS-FUD rebuttal to appear in public to date, written by a Peruvian congressman -> content/ 4/ 25157.html peru2ms/ villanueva_to_ms.html

even vnunet sometimes has to publish something non-favorable to m$ ... note that m$ claims that by funding research on open source, the pentagon is subsidizing m$ competitors. that implies anyone purchasing m$ (like the government) is subsidizing m$ to the detriment of all competitors -> News/ 1132165

Germany's Interior Ministry signs with SuSE and IBM. Otto Schilly, Interior Minister, said, "We are raising computer security by avoiding a monoculture, and we are lowering dependence on a single supplier." -> hi/ english/ business/ newsid_2023000/ 2023127.stm

how software "piracy" hurts free software -> newsforge/ 02/ 06/ 10/ 1715243.shtml ?tid =51

radiologists using linux. ""Linux made our dreams come true," added Alexander Pipelka, Chief software architect of BMS Bayer Ltd.. Now systems can be tailored to our needs." -> news/ NS4419913446.html

6 June 2002 "Xerox chooses MandrakeLinux/Caldera Graphics to optimize enterprise production" -> Articles/ 1985/

"Linux Making Gains In Government Market" -> Sections/ BreakingNews/ dailyarchives.asp ?ArticleID =35552

"Linux at the BBC" -> linuxplanet/ reports/ 1176/ 1/

"UK government backs open source" -> 2100-1104-945784.html

"UK unveils Open Source policy, may make it 'default' option" -> content/ 4/ 26335.html

"Open source's new weapon: The law?" -> 2100-1001-949241.html ?tag =fd_top

TCO (total cost of ownership) has Telstra looking to Linux for their 45,000 desktops -> story.cfm ?ID =10596

Linux used to handle info at U.S. Open: 'Laurie Courage, director of Internet strategy and Web events for IBM's worldwide sponsorship marketing programs, said. "Linux makes the seemingly impossible possible."' -> news/ linux/ 0,1411,54664,00.html

"European Union Researches the Benefits of Open Source Software" -> pub/ a/ network/ 2002/ 09/ 16/ platform.html

""Philippine open source community takes on Microsoft" -> Man/ 2685/ 020918philippinesms/

"Linux: Native POSIX Threading Library (NPTL)" -- "...running 100,000 concurrent threads on an IA-32..." "...we can start up 564,000 threads." "And Ingo's response to the logical followup question, "why so many threads, the answer is because we can :)"." -> node.php ?id =422

"For example, a company with 10,000 employees using computers only for basic tasks could buy a single copy of Linux for $ 49, compared with Windows XP, which would cost somewhere around $ 2 million, [IDC's Dan] Kusnetzky said. That's a lot cheaper, even factoring in the cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars for in-house support of the Linux systems." -> 2100-1104-938700.html ?type =pt

"A technology think tank is campaigning to win Linux a greater role in government by offering to act as a central repository for a federally certified version of the open-source operating system." -> 2100-1104-950083.html

"The Case for Linux in Universities" -> linux/ edu/

"Linux TCO: Less Than Half The Cost of Windows" "Sure Linux is cheaper - but by how much? A new study looks at real-life deployments and comes up with some hard numbers." "The larger the deployment, the greater the savings: One of the companies in the study had deployed more than 10,000 Linux nodes." -> article/ 1,3555,10493_1477911,00.html

"The world's largest computer manufacturer tells its customers to run Linux. Increasingly, it is also using the open source operating system itself." "Those servers are not just being used for file and print serving, either. IBM's newly-refurbished $ 2.5 billion chip plant in East Fishkill, New York, for example, runs on Linux." -> public/ article/ 0,,10493_1445611,00.html

small victory for Open Source/Free Software in W3C policy? Bruce Perens writes about royalty-free standards recommendation fight -> articles/ 02/ 10/ 07/ 1159206.shtml ?tid =95

WindowWatch reviews Libranet GNU/Linux 2.7 "Overall I have to give Libranet 2.7 4.75 W's out of 5. Buy it. You will like it." -> 2002/ october/ libranet8_9.html

"But there is something about Linux that makes it a no-brainer for e-commerce. That's why all of the top five e-commerce sites, as measured by Jupiter Media Metrix, use Linux to some degree." -> 2002/ 10/ 08/ 1008linux.html

Gov't of India promoting Linux "The Department of Information Technology has already devised a strategy to introduce Linux and open source software as a de-facto standard in academic institutions, especially in engineering colleges through course work that encourages use of such systems." -> cms.dll/ articleshow ?artid =24598339

" matches Microsoft software donation offers!" -> newsforge/ 02/ 10/ 10/ 1511200.shtml ?tid =19

"Secure Linux desktop begins shipping to UK police force" -> newsforge/ 02/ 10/ 19/ 1518241.shtml ?tid =23

"SuSE 8.1 illustrates MS' fear" " Anyone wondering why MS execs Steve Ballmer and Brian Valentine are so bent out of shape about Linux should check out SuSE's most recent distro, 8.1, for insight." " can see why MS is feeling the heat around the corner and not taking it terribly well." -> content/ 4/ 27759.html

"Film Gimp, a specially enhanced version of The Gimp, has been used as an animation tool in Scooby-Doo, Harry Potter, and Stuart Little." -> newsforge/ 02/ 10/ 29/ 1622213.shtml

save the newbies from the viciousness of microsoft windows! giving toys that auto-break or discourage exploration is downright sadistic. -> ?sid =27052 &cid =29581

"New bills aim to protect consumers' use of digital media" Rep. Zoe Lofgren's bill would ensure that ``the rights they have in the analog world, they have in digital.'' "Rep. Rick Boucher, D-Va., plans to introduce similar legislation Thursday." Both aim to amend the DMCA. -> mld/ siliconvalley/ 4193841.htm

"Region in Spain Abandons Windows, Embraces Linux" -> wp-dyn/ articles/ A59197-2002Nov2.html

"The clerks at Zumiez..." use GNU/Linux (Ximian, Evolution, Mozilla, etc.) from Bellevue, Wash. to Syracuse, N.Y. Burlington Coat Factory's Mike Prince says the real savings is in administration, though initial savings is almost half a million dollars. -> articles/ mag/ 0,1640,44531,FF.html

"Installing Linux is easy, really!" "Just place the coaster (Linux distro CD1) in the cup-holder (CDROM tray), and away you go. For many people this is literally about all they need to do... well, that and answer a few easy questions, get coffee, eject the CD." -> ?article =6080

"101 things that the Mozilla browser can do that IE cannot." -> ndeakin/ arts/ reasons.html 2100-1104-979064.html

"Newbie thoughts on Linux, Windows, and Desktop Dominance" -> articles/ AT5015443255.html

"Linux from Kindergarten to High School" -> article.php ?sid =6349

"Dept. of Homeland Security site switches to Linux from Windows 2000" -> newsforge/ 03/ 01/ 27/ 1831240.shtml ?tid =2

"Banks Want To Swim With Penguin" 2003-Feb-03 'Reuters announced on Monday that its popular Reuters Market Data System, or RMDS, has been ported to Linux, in response to what Reuters spokespeople described as "intense customer demand." ... "They saw performance improvements and cost savings. These folks are bankers, and they know you almost never get more for less -- but this time they did."' -> news/ infostructure/ 0,1377,57503,00.html

Grandma uses Linux. -> articles/ AT8221013471.html

"Motorola adopts Linux for future mobile phones" -> news/ NS4504156025.html

"I highly recommend this product to anyone running a small to medium-sized business looking to make the move to Open source software." -> print.php ?sid =75

"Study lauds open-source code quality" "A consulting group that scrutinizes the source code underlying several operating systems has found that a key networking component of Linux is of higher quality in several ways than that of competing closed-source software." -> 2100-1001-985221.html ?tag =fd_ots

"A northern Utah computer science teacher is setting up a programming lab that lets his students learn more for less money." "The students are just so tickled about it." -> 2003/ Feb/ 02242003/ monday/ 32333.asp

businessweek gets a few things wrong, but it still shows the penguin is getting noticed even by the clueless -> magazine/ toc/ 03_09/ B382203linux.htm

"A strategic comparison of Windows vs. Unix, version 2.0" -> 2003/ 0226.tco2.html

"The Open Source Software for Oregon Act would mandate that any state government agency consider open-source software for all new software acquisitions and make purchasing decisions based on a "value-for-money basis." Moreover, under the act, state workers would have to avoid buying products that don't comply with open standards." -> 2100-1012-991462.html ?tag =lh

"IBM: Linux is the 'logical successor'" -> 2100-1001-982512.html ?tag =bplst

Massachusetts Dept. of Revenue plans to switch to Linux -> displayarticledetail.asp ?art_id =62051 &cat_id =3

Richard Seibt, CEO SuSE, "The open-source community is the world's largest and most creative development lab. These guys work on Linux to solve their own problems -- and they have a great deal of pride. They also produce fixes faster than anyone I've ever seen." -> qna/ 0,289202,sid39_gci884838,00.html

"The wrong choice: Company rejects Linux, learns a lesson" -> qna/ 0,289202,sid39_gci886021,00.html

"Debunking the Linux-Windows market-share myth" "Of the developers surveyed, more than 50 percent who now develop primarily for Linux used to develop primarily for Windows." "More than 70 percent of developers say they install Linux over whatever OS happens to be pre-installed on the machines they buy." -> 2003/ 0314.petreley.html

"Transition Strategies: Windows to Linux" "One employee describes how his company is making the desktop transition." -> article.php ?sid =6705

"Why is the US military paying ideology-driven foreign hackers?" "DARPA has funded OpenBSD through a program known as Composable High Assurance Trusted Systems (CHATS)." -> pub/ a/ bsd/ 2003/ 03/ 13/ darpabsd.html

"Getting Started With Linux" "Unilever, a $ 52 billion consumer products giant, is switching to Linux to run its businesses around the world." -> softwaretopics/ os/ story/ 0,10801,79330,00.html ?OpenDocument &~f

RevolutionOS available on 2 DVDs without CSS crap -> store1.html

"Her Majesty's Treasury turns to Linux" "Our decision to use Open Source software was based on its proven reliability, portability and lower licensing costs,' Said Hugh Barrett, Chief Executive of" -> news/ news_story.php ?id =40511

Computer Aid sends Linux on old PCs to "developing countries" -> 1/ hi/ technology/ 2960018.stm

"Linux winner in open-source war" "...good news came last week when the local government in Munich said it would spend about 30 million euros ($ 61 million) switching 14,000 computers from Microsoft's Windows and Office productivity software to the open-source Linux operating system and OpenOffice." -> storydisplay.cfm ?storyID =3505294

PeopleSoft to migrate all 170 of its products to Linux. "'Now, customers are telling us they want to run enterprise applications [on Linux-based systems],' he [David Sayed, technology product marketing manager at PeopleSoft] said." -> softwaretopics/ os/ linux/ story/ 0,10801,81127,00.html

Spain adds 80,000 computers running Linux to schools -> pr-extremadura.html

interview with Linus Torvalds -> article2/ 0,3959,1142093,00.asp

even Cray likes Linux "SuSE To Power Fastest U.S. Supercomputer" -> perl/ story/ 21799.html

"Torvalds: What, Me Worry?" (the cnet reporter is clueless, but at least there's the interview) -> 2008-1082_3-1023765.html ?tag =fd_lede2_hed

Sterling Ball, CEO of Ernie Ball, "world's leading maker of premium guitar strings", "saved $ 80,000 right away by going to open source." -> 2008-1082_3-5065859.html

"Linux Invades Hollywood" -> Articles/ Article_Display.cfm ?Section =Articles &Subsection =Display &ARTICLE_ID =118664

"PNNL supercomputer fastest open system in U.S." -> news/ 2003/ 03-33.htm

"The general public hears these sound bytes every day and it distills down to this: Microsoft -- unsecure, dangerous software; Linux -- some copyright fight going on, must be damn good software for these big companies to be battling over it. Microsoft's strategy here is the best thing that has ever happened to Linux." -> newsforge/ 03/ 08/ 25/ 1117203.shtml

list of some companies using linux -> design/ linux2.html linux-biz/

"Los Alamos Linux cluster to keep watch on nukes" -> originalContent/ 0,289142,sid39_gci927983,00.html

"Stop The Bloodshed" a switch to Linux to avoid the "business bloodshed" caused by expensive UNIX and Microsoft licenses -> magarticle.asp ?doc_id =22256 &rgid =15 &listed_months =-1

"The Center of Open Source & Government" ->

a nice, concise (partial) list of reasons to demand open source in public institutions -> ?sid =33423 &cid =74446

"Analysis of the Impact of Open Source Software" surprisingly factual; contains pragmatic recommendations; study dated October, 2001 and those predictions it makes for "2 - 3 years" seem very astute now. -> documents/ QinetiQ_OSS_rep.pdf

"A Week of Windows" account by a Linux user who downgraded for a week -> newsforge/ 03/ 10/ 09/ 0552252.shtml

Environment Canada uses Linux (Red Hat with KDE); saves over $ 4 million. -> trends/ 03/ 10/ 16/ 1914221.shtml

"Source of Worry for Microsoft" governments are turning to open source -> news/ technology/ 0,1282,60896,00.html ?tw =wn_techhead_11

"LINUX PERFORMANCE CONTINUES TO SOAR WITH LARGE-SCALE SGI ALTIX 3000 SYSTEMS" ... "Breakthrough Results with SGI Shared-Memory Architecture and 64-Bit Linux" -> Articles/ 54822/

the largest life insurance company in India is switching to Linux "across its 2,048 branches" -> fe_full_story.php ?content_id =44610

"What happens when a proprietary software company dies?" where can you turn? -> ?sid =03/ 10/ 18/ 1814211

U.S. Army chooses Linux over Windows for "Land Warrior", "'Evidence shows that Linux is more stable. We are moving in general to where the Army is going, to Linux-based OS,' said [Army Lt. Col. Dave] Gallop." -> article.cfm ?Id =1238

"It's Linux for IBM supercomputer project" -> 2100-1104-963285.html

"Lining up for Linux" - "Netflix recently migrated from Sun's Solaris platform to IBM's hardware running Red Hat Linux software to increase Web performance, search and queuing capabilities for its more than 16,000 DVD titles." -> sections/ customer/ customer.asp ?ArticleID =45302

"Lining up for Linux" - "NYFix switched to Linux" "Today, the company runs some 1,500 booths that handle up to 1 billion shares per day." -> sections/ customer/ customer.asp ?ArticleID =45302

"Lining up for Linux" - "Orbitz chief Internet architect Leon Chism says Linux gives his company a huge CPU density in the server rack for a price licensed software companies can't match." "We cut our customer cost by a factor of 10 and doubled our capacity, so it's a 20-times increase for us." -> sections/ customer/ customer.asp ?ArticleID =45302

"Lining up for Linux" - ""Every time we use it, it's one less Microsoft license we need to buy for the host, which saves us $ 500 to $ 1,000 per box," says Deloitte systems architect Patrick Hanifee" -> sections/ customer/ customer.asp ?ArticleID =45302

"Security: Banning FOSS in this area would have immediate, broad, and in some cases strongly negative impacts on the ability of the DoD to analyze and protect its own networks against hostile intrusion." DoD MITRE report -> pdf/ dodfoss.pdf

"The MITRE report is not just important because it identifies novel arguments for open-source advocates. It is important because a DoD-commisioned study found that the arguments advanced by open-source advocates were essentially true." -> article.php ?story =20031108223401961

The "many eyes" approach benefits Microsoft in Eolas patent case (but don't expect them to suddenly "get it") as US Patent Office re-examines prior art discovered by many, presented by W3C. -> article.php ?story =20031113050019453 2100-1028-5100693.html ?tag =nl 2100-1032_3-5106129.html ?part =rss &tag =feed &subj =news

Sun and China make a deal for 1 million Linux desktops -> mld/ mercurynews/ 7285339.htm

"Brazil Gives Nod to Open Source" -> news/ infostructure/ 0,1377,61257,00.html ?tw =wn_techhead_3

"PEC Solutions to Migrate Federal Judiciary's National IT Infrastructure to Linux/Intel Platform" "PEC will support the transition of the Judiciary's mission-sensitive applications, including case management, finance and accounting, probation and pretrial services, and case-tracking management systems to the Linux standard." -> cgi-bin/ f_headline.cgi ?bw.111903/ 233235172 &ticker =PECS

"I suppose it's a sign of how far Linux installation has come in general that I didn't even notice the manuals weren't in English until after the install was complete." Joe Barr, "Moving from Red Hat to Mandrake" -> os/ 03/ 12/ 01/ 1230221.shtml

As it did in Norway, Catalonia and other places, Microsoft follows Linux lead in providing support for Welsh -> 0100news/ 0200wales/ content_objectid =13852179_method =full_siteid =50082_headline =-Microsoft-logging-on-to-Welsh-name_page.html

Linux is easier than XP for Joe Average -> archives/ fulldisclosure/ 1664.html

"OSS frightens Microsoft" -> perl/ story/ 32891.html

"Defense Department buys Linux cluster" -> news/ 1_1/ daily_news/ 22781-1.html

"Old FUD v. New Reality" -> article.php ?story =20040220010045127 grouch/ oldfud-newreal.html

comparison between installing Mandrake and XP -> showdocs.cfm ?aid =491

"You may have heard Linux is difficult to learn and use. Certainly Linux is different, but pointing and clicking work the same regardless of the underlying operating system. My four-year-old granddaughter, K.D., hasn't had any trouble figuring it out, and if she can do it, you can too." -> software/ 04/ 04/ 02/ 1424206.shtml

some folks have to install their Linux systems in between gunshots and street fights -> article.php ?sid =7748

Open Source: Open for Business -> features/ 2004/ 48.shtml

The Unix Guide to Defenestration ->

Linux snowballing in Europe -> articles/ 543090.htm

Linux helps get Nepal villages connected wirelessly ->

"Windows v Linux security: the real facts" -> 2004/ 10/ 22/ linux_v_windows_security/

"When we queried the database to present results in order of severity from most critical to least critical, 39 of the first 40 entries in the CERT database for Windows are rated above the CERT threshold for a severe alert. Only three of the first 40 entries were above the threshold when we queried the database about Red Hat." -> security/ security_report_windows_vs_linux/

"All My Own Work" - 9 year old girl builds PC, installs Linux -> FamilyWeb.nsf/ 3cf90a23430db5a9852562840073ae37/ d5ee5048c8d38c40ca256d4600327e00 ?OpenDocument

"EVERYDAY, it seems, Linux wins new adherents - the Central Bank of India to BSNL, the government of Tamil Nadu to budget businesses. Net Aquila Solutions, a Gurgaon/Delhi-based BPO in the medical transciptions segment, is a recent Linux convert." -> full_story.php ?content_id =57541

"Sybase ASE and EAServer on Linux are key components of this e-government site," said Don Heffernan, chief information officer of the General Services Administration's Federal Supply Service. "In a very short time, the team took the system from a vision of the future and turned it into an operational reality providing tremendous value to the Federal employees and contractors using it." -> detail/ 1,6904,1032462,00.html

"Former Microsoft exec joins open-source project" - "There were a lot of us that talked about open-source casually in e-mail, and the memo synthesized a lot of those discussions," he said. "My thought was that there's this beautiful thing with open-source where, as a developer, there's a very low barrier to entry. The flexibility that gives you is really incredible." -> Hello +from +OSIA/ 2100-1046_3-5453259.html

"Linux is all about open source. It's about making the best possible OS, and being as user-friendly as possible, but it's about doing so within the overriding goal of everybody being able to work together on the thing." - Linus Torvalds, Aug 27, 2004 -> hypermail/ linux/ kernel/ 0408.3/ 1475.html

"One Giant Leap - How NASA, SGI and Intel managed to build and deploy history's most powerful supercomputer in 15 blistering weeks" (10,240 processors, Linux) -> features/ 2004/ oct/ columbia/

"Bristol Council ditches MS for Star Office" "Bristol City Council is shifting 5,000 workers off proprietary desktop software and onto open source to help it save 1.4m over the next five years." -> 2004/ 11/ 17/ bristol_goes_linux/

"One of the biggest investment banks in Europe is using Linux for up to 70% of its new IT projects after finding that running the open source operating system on Intel-based servers cut running costs by nearly half." -> articles/ article.asp ?liArticleID =135436

"The Ministry of Defence in Singapore has installed on 5,000 PCs, and is planning to deploy it on a further 15,000 within the next 18 months" -> software/ windows/ 0,39020396,39171012,00.htm

" is available all four of Singapore's official languages: English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil, according to the native language section of the site. Office 2003 is only available in English and Chinese, according to the Microsoft Web site." -> software/ windows/ 0,39020396,39171012,00.htm

"We think the Linux platform will become a leading operating system for mobile devices, and we believe the endorsement and support of PalmSource for that platform will greatly accelerate that process. We think the combination of Palm OS and Linux can attract more mobile licensees and developers, create more new devices, and bring in more users than either could on its own." -> mobility/ 04/ 12/ 08/ 151203.shtml

"The NZOSS has supplied and installed Open Source software in over 90 Kindergartens throughout New Zealand for less than the cost of a single Microsoft Office academic license" -> portal/ modules.php ?name =News &file =article &sid =399

"IBM takes many actions to promote innovation. Today, we are announcing a new innovation initiative. We are pledging the free use of 500 of our U.S. patents, as well as all counterparts of these patents issued in other countried, in the development, distribution, and use of open source software. We believe that the open source community has been at the forefront of innovation and we are taking this action to encourage additional innovation for open platforms." -> ibm/ licensing/ patents/ pledgedpatents.pdf

"More telling, in terms of a clear enthusiasm for Open Source are countries where a stated policy of a 'preference' for Open Source has been declared. Countries where this is the case, in some areas of government IT use, include: Bahrain, Belgium, China and Hong Kong, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, Poland, Portugal, Philippines and South Africa." -> 2005/ 01/ 07/ gov_open_source_dynamic/

"Open Source ready for prime time in, says OGC" 'The report finds that OSS is "viable and credible for infrastructure and for meeting the requirements of the majority of desktop users." ' -> 2004/ 10/ 28/ ogc_oss_pilot_report/

"Linux Canada Inc. announces Quasar(tm) Accounting software is now "Open Source" available under GPL." -> quasar_press3.shtml

"I use Linux becuase at the end of the year, it saves me weeks or even months of accumulated nontechnical (i.e. images and text, not code and networks) work time." -> ?sid =71754 &cid =6483115

"APOST had been running on a range of operating systems including DOS and Microsoft Windows NT..." "In just 10 months, Czech Post installed the new SUSE LINUX-based APOST system on 4,000 servers at 3,400 post offices across the country, as well as at 12,000 client terminals used by 20,000 employees." "Novell consultants helped Czech Post implement and roll out the new APOST system with zero downtime." -> pr4519.html

windows website does a fair review of linux mandrake 7.2 -> reviews/ software/ operating-sys/ linux/ mandrake72/ index.shtml

IBM does sidewalk art in San Francisco -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-04-19-014-21-NW-BZ-CY 2001/ TECH/ industry/ 04/ 19/ ibm.guerilla.idg/ index.html

AMD announced [2001-03-14] that The Boeing Company has implemented an AMD Athlon processor-based supercluster developed by Linux NetworX. The high performance cluster system, featuring 96 AMD Athlon processors, is running computational fluid dynamics applications in support of the Boeing Delta IV Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle program at the company's Space & Communications division in Huntington Beach, Calif. -> article.php3 ?ltsn =2001-03-14-002-14-PS

3d animation mpegs of linux kernel development -> pascal.brisset/ kernel3d/ kernel3d.html

"Linux Passes the Relay Baton into China, Korea" -> stories.php ?story =274

"Random Factory Looks to Stars" -- Linux for Astronomy software -> stories.php ?story =11

"Bayonne Bridges Linux Telephony Gap" -> stories.php ?story =191

"Benchmarking BSD and Linux" -> scalability/

August 25, 1991 -- the birth of linux. -> history/

BBC News -- "Happy birthday Linux" -> hi/ english/ sci/ tech/ newsid_1507000/ 1507326.stm news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-08-24-016-20-NW-CY

CNet -- "The Time of the Penguin" -> news/ 0-1003-201-6947032-0.html ?tag =tp_pr news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-08-24-013-20-PS

Wired -- "Ale, Ale, the Linux Gang's Here" -> news/ culture/ 0,1284,46061,00.html news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-08-24-012-20-NW-CY

'Referring to the 70's when UNIX systems were very much closed source, RMS says, "We can lose our freedom again just as we lost it the first time, if we don't care enough to protect it."' -> node.php ?id =204

CEO of Mission Critical Linux Inc., Moiz Kohari, "Linux is a threat to any enterprise OS out there. Linux is a disruptive technology. The open source concept is disruptive. Any existing technology can never invest enough in disruptive technologies, because disruptive technologies come from grass roots movements that take over." -> searchEnterpriseLinux_Q_A_Page/ 0,285144,521960,00.html

Cendant's VP of hotel IT provided this update on the status of Cendant's pioneering Linux deployment. With more than 5000 Linux servers connecting hotel front desk workstations to a centralized reservation system, it is the largest Linux deployment currently in place -- and with 500-1000 servers being added each year, is likely to remain the largest for several years to come. -> article.php3 ?ltsn =2001-01-22-001-14-PS-SM

SGI and Incyte Deploy Linux Solution for Bioinformatics at Bristol-Myers Squibb Nov 21, 2000 Bristol-Myers Squibb will use a Linux cluster from Incyte to conduct research for genomics projects, including DNA and protein sequence analysis, transcriptional profiling, and proteomics, one of the fastest growing segments of bioinformatics research. -> article.php3 ?ltsn =2000-11-21-001-13-PS

TurboLinux Solution Deployed by Largest ISP in the Eastern Mediterranean Oct 18, 2000 -> article.php3 ?ltsn =2000-10-18-002-01-PS

Major Financial Deployment of Linux for S/390 "...the Banco Mercantil deployment is not the only such project currently underway, but that this is the only financial institution willing to disclose their use of Linux on the S/390. Other companies have production systems running but consider this to be a trade secret, and still others are currently testing or evaluating feasibility of Linux deployment on System/390 hardware. -> article.php3 ?ltsn =2001-05-03-001-14-PS

Turbolinux Connects Branch Offices of Major Argentine Insurance Company, Liderar Seguros Dec 17, 2000 The Turbolinux deployment, implemented in under 10 hours on Hewlett-Packard Netserver LH 3000 servers, allows Liderar Seguros' 40 branch offices to run their applications as if they were in the headquarter office, with remote secure online access to customer transactions and financial information. -> article.php3 ?ltsn =2000-12-17-001-13-PS

Red Hat Linux helps Incyte Genomics run the world's largest commerical scientific Linux farm using over 3,000 CPUs. Incyte's mission is to facilitate the development of partnerships among industry and academia, and ultimately the healthcare community, generating unexpected breakthroughs in the discovery and utilization of genomics. -> Story_606_SCMediumStoryPage.html

"IBM, Software Firm Take Linux-Based System To Street" -- Securities Industry Automation Corporation feeds data to NYSE and AMSE using Linux -> editorial/ tech.asp ?v =8/ 27 news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-08-28-002-20-NW-BZ-DP

"IBM Research has demonstrated Linux running on the IBM 4758 secure cryptographic coprocessor, a hardware security module." ... "The Linux-based IBM 4758 also offers significantly better performance, including eight times improved communication latency and four times faster throughput, over the current custom OS based product offering." -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-08-31-008-20-SC-HW resources/ news/ 20010828_mycroft.shtml

Hess uses a Linux cluster for oil exploration "a core, critical business application," says Jeff Davis ... The supercluster helps create three-dimensional models of subsurface areas under the Gulf of Mexico, using enormous data sets that run into multiple terabytes. "We currently have no Linux support. I haven't come across anything I couldn't solve by looking at the Internet." -> magazinearticle/ 1,4598,0|83|4818,00.html

"On the same day that Compaq computer said Linux still has a long way to go, rival IBM said: On our servers, it's good enough for Wall Street." [hmm. who's right? oh, compaq doesn't really exist any more, does it?] -> zdnn/ stories/ news/ 0,4586,2810519,00.html

"More Than 2,000 Dell Servers to be Used for Advanced Research at The University at Buffalo - Linux Cluster is One of the Largest Ever Housed at a U.S. Educational Institution" -> us/ en/ gen/ corporate/ press/ pressoffice_us_2002-09-03-aus-001.htm

-> kirch/

nice itemization of the shortfalls of m$ as server -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-03-01-002-06-PS-MR-MS-0063

M$ can't compete -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2000-09-12-001-21-OP-MS-SM

"If you could make enough bread for everybody on earth by making one loaf and then pressing a button, what would be the moral justification for charging more for bread than some people could afford?" Eben Moglen -> story/ 39206.htm ?DE =1

Linux on the corporate network (see the talkbacks, too!) --> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-03-07-006-04-OP-DP-OO

get a clue -> index.html#manifesto

"Department of Defense adopts StarOffice" -> h/ zd/ 20010626/ tc/ department_of_defense_adopts_staroffice_1.html

from -> ic_683987_1794_9-10000.html

Tony Stanco: Why Microsoft is a Dinosaur, "GNU/Linux and the international free software community are solid proof that the old industrial rules no longer apply. They reveal that a decentralized team of developers from around the world working over the Internet and without access to a corporation's capital resources can perform at a higher level of proficiency than the corporate software leader with 25 billion dollars in the bank." -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-04-24-001-21-OP-CY

"IBM's New eServer and Tools Built With Linux on the Brain" -> stories.php ?story =334

"[E*TRADE CTO Josh] Levine said E*TRADE's move to Linux is now four months old in implementation, and the company has already reduced technology costs by $ 65 million by reevaluating how it uses technology and moving to open source software. He added that the company expects to derive significant savings in the future as well..." -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2002-01-31-007-26-NW

show me a win server that can match this FreeBSD one -> pr0929.html

"NAI Labs Announces DARPA-Funded FreeBSD Security Initiative" --> -> news/ 20010709-cboss.html

"FreeBSD Foundation Announces Java License for FreeBSD" -> view_story.php3 ?story_id =2602

Silicon.Com -- "Ford looks to Open Source, Microsoft gets worried" -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-07-03-002-21-NW-BZ-DT bin/ bladerunner ?30REQEVENT = &REQAUTH =21046 &14001REQSUB =REQINT1 =45449

why go through all the frustration of learning linux? it's a small price for software freedom. -> grouch/ linux-ready.html

"A non-free program systematically denies the users the freedom to cooperate; it is the basis of an antisocial scheme to dominate people. The program is available lawfully only to those who will surrender their freedom. That's not a contribution to society, it's a social problem. It is better to develop no software than to develop non-free software." -> node/ 4484

what do Pixar, Manex, PDI, Digital Domain and Industrial Light & Magic have in common? linux -> 2001/ 02_feb/ features/ linux/ engine.htm

Dreamworks SKG uses over 200 Linux desktops and 400 Linux servers for their animated motion picture production -> article.php ?sid =4803

HP offers Mandrake pre-installed on their e-pc 40 machines -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-09-13-001-20-NW-HW-MD

Interviewer:'What do you think about the position of the RIAA regarding the sharing of music on the internet?' Janis Ian:'Do the words "stupid" "self-serving" "backward" and "caught in a time warp" ring a bell? ...' -> forums/ showthread.php ?s = &threadid =1981

-> servers/ eserver/ linux/ passport.swf

"Linux, as we know, is the only operating system of which you can safely say: It will run on architectures that have not yet been invented. You couldn't say that about any other system, but Linux can be adapted to just about anything out there." -> news/ us/ 2001/ 08/ 15.html

"It actually has been mildly frustrating that so many people are unwilling to pay us for service and support because the damn thing never breaks", Daniel Frye, IBM, about Linux. -> magazinearticle/ 1,4598,0|83|4818,00.html

"The Truth Behind The Great Server Heist -- ConsultingTimes Does The Math" concerning the IBM tv ad -> Serverheist.html

"A quick view of the statistics regarding operating systems market share and growth will convince one that the Linux movement is real. A vendor whose core product(s) are in direct competition with Open Source software on commodity hardware might rightfully be alarmed by this development. " -> servers/ eserver/ clusters/ whitepapers/ linux_wp.html

"By upgrading a few key system utilities, installing a modern 2.4 kernel and typing in a single tune2fs command per filesystem, you can convert your existing ext2 servers into journaling ext3 systems. You can even do this while your ext2 filesystems are mounted." -> developerworks/ linux/ library/ l-fs7/

more linux flash and real player animations from ibm -> servers/ eserver/ linux/ fun/ ?t =gr,p =LinuxAnimation

interview with David Boyes, who ran 41,400 instances of linux on a mainframe and attracted IBM's attention -> linuxplanet/ print/ 3139/

from IBM research "The Deep View System is a scalable, affordable, high-performance solution for parallel and distributed rendering. The full rack on the left contains eight linux nodes and two network switches." -> deepview/ index.html

"Linux Taking Hold in India" -> stories.php ?story =482

the iron penguin, part 1 -> linuxworld/ lw-2000-06/ lw-06-S390-1.html "IT Managers Become More 'Open'-Minded" -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-04-17-005-20-OS-BZ-EL 833/ opensource.htm

"The father of java gets tough; James Gosling on Microsoft, Java" -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2000-11-04-011-06-PS-CY-MS

" Survey: Java breezes by .Net for Web services Most voted J2EE server software most effective platform for Web services" -> articles/ hn/ xml/ 01/ 12/ 21/ 011221hnjavasurvey.xml

the Kentucky Linux Athlon Testbed 2 (KLAT2), record-setter -> KLAT2/

Donald Knuth's Letter to the Patent Office -> Patents/ knuth-to-pto.txt

the city of largo uses linux and kde -- Newsforge "Secretaries use Linux, taxpayers save millions" what was that FUD about secretaries and linux? -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-08-13-012-20-PS-DP-EL ?sid =01/ 08/ 10/ 1441239 &mode =thread

email to from largo system administrator -> article.php3 ?ltsn =2001-07-23-001-14-PS

"When Largo says they have saved the local taxpayers millions, they aren't being cavalier or flip in any way," says Tom Adelstein. "They did an exhaustive search for solutions, sent out Requests for Proposals (RFPs), demanded extensive documentation, ran proofs of concept, and negotiated our contract aggressively. They put my team through an exhaustive sales cycle and specified an extensive set of features." -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-08-27-006-20-PR-EL

"Although many publications herald the potential of the Linux desktop, they often cite the lack of a Microsoft Outlook solution for its failure to enter the enterprise space. Bynari's Insight Groupware removes that barrier with a world-class solution that can match any offering, including Redmond's. The Insight Groupware provides seamless interoperability between Outlook and Linux users." -> article.php3 ?ltsn =2001-08-27-001-14-PS

"The day will come when political candidates will face budgetary questions about using Windows instead of Linux," Adelstein observed. "Largo provides the proof needed to create such a political agenda. When you project their open source solutions to other municipal, state, and Federal agencies throughout the United States, the potential savings run into hundreds of billions of dollars." -> article.php3 ?ltsn =2001-08-27-001-14-PS

"City of Largo Completes Desktop Transition" by Stephen E. Harris, Publisher, ConsultingTimes -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-08-28-005-20-NW-DP-EL Largo.html

"Linux, a Decade of Open Source" -> news/ technology/ 0,1282,46295,00.html

"Why Linux Is Giving Microsoft a Migraine" -> bwdaily/ dnflash/ feb2001/ nf20010222_369.htm news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-02-22-017-04-PS-MS

"What I miss when I use windows" Eric L. Green -> eric/ editorial/ whatimiss.html

"Nations Uniting For Open Source" -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-08-29-018-20-NW h/ zd/ 20010829/ tc/ nations_uniting_for_open_source_1.html

NT==Not Toyota, Toyota to save $ 3 million per year with Linux -> article.php3 ?ltsn =2000-10-24-002-01-AC-LF

"NUI's HOTLabs: NDS for Linux Burns Up the Educational Track" -> stories.php ?story =111

from ZDNet--"Seventeen years old and state of the art" (open source doesn't turn your computer into a doorstop with every software upgrade) -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-07-24-006-20-PS enterprise/ stories/ main/ 0,10228,2795549,00.html

from eWeek--"Apache avoids most security woes" (last serious problem announced January 1997) -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-07-24-007-20-PS eweek/ stories/ general/ 0,11011,2792860,00.html

show the world you have a heart, adopt an orphan (program) today -> devel/ wnpp/

comparisons of windows and open source software usage -> oss_fs_why.html

-> article.php3 ?ltsn =2001-01-31-002-01-PS

"A radical cure for the ailing U.S. patent system" -> careers/ careerstemplate.jsp ?ArticleId =i120204

Peace, Love & Linux -- IBM admires Linux -> servers/ eserver/ linux/ passport.swf news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-03-05-003-20-NW

Peace, Love & Linux -- IBM: "IBM spends $ 5 billion a year on R&D. And we're putting a billion dollars behind Linux. But even all that is nothing compared to what the Linux community will generate spontaneously." "Like the Internet, Linux is the next open, freely accessible standard around which the IT and developer world is rallying. Once the standard is agreed upon, innovation and progress accelerate. Linux is the agreement." -> servers/ eserver/ linux/ passport.swf

"Tradeworx has been a Linux shop since it was founded in 1999. A financial application service provider that provides high-performance analytics to organizations such as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Tradeworx's infrastructure consists of 20 servers from VA Linux running everything from Version 6.0 to 7.1 of Red Hat's Linux." -> eweek/ stories/ general/ 0,11011,2805343,00.html

Bruce Perens -> stories/ 031603/ bus_031603071.shtml

apache runs over 60% of the web, and php is the most popular apache module -> s_survey/ data/ man.200207/ apachemods.html

Dennis Powell brags on Gimp-print --> linuxplanet/ opinions/ 3689/ 1/

are you ready for linux? -> grouch/ linux-ready.html

"RealNetworks goes open source - sort of" -> Articles/ 5052/

"One by one, the Redmondcoats will be banging on the local doors, reminding colonists of the benefits of Monarchy and Motherland, while taking careful note of any rebel technology they encounter. Amnesty will be offered to those who see the light of day." -> articles/ AT9816272863.html

redhat used for 15,000 server Lawson deployment -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2000-11-02-010-20-NW-DP-RH

ZDNet's eWeek rates Redhat 7.1 a 'B' (their definition: "Does well on this criterion. The product has no notable flaws in this area, and most users will be happy with this aspect of the product.') -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-04-23-007-21-PS-RH eweek/ stories/ general/ 0,11011,2710692,00.html

Kenwood likes Redhat. -> Story_373_SCLongStoryPage_Long_Story.html

Ameritrade + over 1.5 million customers + redhat -> Story_692_SCMediumStoryPage.html

city of Largo, Fla. has switched to kde 2.1.1 on redhat 7.1 -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-07-23-007-20-NW-KE-RH article.php3 ?ltsn =2001-07-23-001-14-PS

the sandia supercomputer -> media/ NewsRel/ NR2000/ antarct.htm

in an InfoWorld survey, 32% of the CTOs said they saved $ 250,000 or more per year with open source -> articles/ tc/ xml/ 01/ 08/ 27/ 010827tcintro.xml

free SuSE for U.S. high schools -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-04-11-011-20-PR

help with setting up linux in a school, from a school that uses it -> linux/

why should open source be in schools? -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-09-01-001-20-OP-CY grouch/ schools.html

"Wired: Linux Tool Reveals Flaws in Wireless Networks" -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-08-21-014-20-SC-SV-SW news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-09-03-004-20-SC-BD

from Brandioch Conner: "If I can handle 100 users per $ 2000 box with one OS, -BUT- I can only handle 20 users per $ 2000 box with another OS, -AND- I have 1000 users....... -ASSUMING- each box has equal admin/maint costs -THEN- Which is the SMARTER buy?" -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-06-30-012-21-NW-MR-SV-0019

the Stone Soupercomputer, 0 dollars, Linux -> Linux lends a hand to Sun engineers -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-07-18-011-20-NW-EM

"NetworkWorldFusion: Linux supercomputer to be used for drug research" ... "Drug maker Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc. has commissioned the construction of a 112-processor, 110-gigaflop Linux supercomputer cluster that will be used to accelerate drug research and development." -> news/ 2001/ 0823supercomputer.html

"A Grid of Supercomputers" "Four U.S. supercomputer centers will be linked together into one massive "grid" style computer..." -> news/ technology/ 0,1282,45977,00.html

"The BMW Williams Formula 1 (F1) team has dramatically improved its high-resolution aerodynamic modelling of team cars by introducing an HP Linux supercomputer cluster." -> ?sid =03/ 10/ 13/ 191253

"So in two easy steps you have greatly reduced the virus headache, and money to MS. Not bad. ..." -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-09-20-010-20-NW-MS

Dennis Ritchie, interview in Linux Magazine, "I don't really distinguish between Linux and things that are more or less direct descendants of Unix. I think they're all the same at some level. Often, people ask me, 'Do you feel jealous about Linux being the big thing.' And the answer is no, for the same reason. I think they're the same." -> 2001-06/ ritchie_01.html

"As the owner of the UNIX trademark, The Open Group has separated the UNIX trademark from any actual code stream itself, thus allowing multiple implementations." -> what_is_unix.html

"1991 Linus Torvalds commences Linux development." -> what_is_unix/ history_timeline.html

Linux beats w2k -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2000-06-14-007-06-PS-CD-SW news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2000-06-12-004-06-PS-MS news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2000-07-05-001-04-OP

based on June 2001 Netcraft results --> an interesting, although anonymous, outline of how "Linux Wins Big at Microsoft's Expense" -> news_story.php3 ?ltsn =2001-06-30-012-21-NW-MR-SV-0037