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Electric vehicles are in use everywhere. They have proven to be efficient, quiet, economical and clean. The price, range, speed and load capacity of electric cars today fit as much as 80% of the driving needs of commuters in the United States.

This is a journal of my attempt at...

A 4CV to 4EV Conversion

5 May 2005

I just realized I have not posted any outline of my plan for getting from dusty relic to driveable electric vehicle nor have I posted any estimate of what it is likely to cost. These oversights need to be corrected now so that those who suspect I am crazy can have their suspicions confirmed early and move on to other reading.

The cost of the electric conversion components alone is expected to be $4,000 to $5,000. This is based on lots of reading and a detailed, itemized "menu" of components, specific to a 72V system for this car, presented to me by Bob Batson, on request. Many of the components are heavy so shipping can be significant. I expect to have to spend another $4,000 or so on restoration and customization of the car. A sensible person would just buy 3 or 4 'commuter specials' (cheap used cars that nobody wants to park near, but which are still mechanically reliable).

My simplest plan for this is a 3-step one:

  1. Get it working.
  2. Get it working well.
  3. Customize.

That is a fair representation of the overall plan for the car, even if it is too simplistic to be useful in the electric conversion. I needed much more detail because I've never done such a conversion.

I will update and expand on this as the project progresses.

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